Ladybug Party Ideas

Ladybug Party

Ladybug, Ladybug come out and play! You’re invited to my Ladybug party! What a cute kids theme party idea! Little kids love Ladybugs and would be tickled red and polka dot black to have a Ladybug Birthday!

Ladybug Party Supplies and Decorations

  • To make homemade Ladybug Invitations, create a small homemade Butterfly book inviting your little one’s friends to come to your party. Draw, color, and cut-out a butterfly shape (or use a ladybug picture) and use it as the cover. Use white or colored paper for the pages of your booklet and staple them together. Cut the booklet to the shape of the a ladybug creating your small booklet. Write a cute little story inviting the friends to a ladybug garden party and have your little one draw the pictures to go along with the story.

    Don't forget to thank your guest with some Ladybug Thank you notes!

  • Ladybug napkins
  • Ladybug plates
  • Ladybug cups
  • To set the scene use a Ladybug table cover and a sweet ladybug centerpiece
  • Hand a Little Ladybug personal Birthday Banner (see below)
  • Ladybug hairband / Party hat (too cute)
  • Sweet ladybug party blowers
  • Hang Red and Black Star Mylar balloons
  • Ladybug Pinata
  • For more Ladybug Decorations ideas, use the color theme of red, black, white, pink, purple for balloons and streamers
  • Set up a picnic area in your backyard
  • Have an art and craft station area
  • Set up a baking table to decorate cookies
  • In your eating area hang balloons, and decorate the table with flowers, cookie bouquets, streamers overhead, etc.
  • Ladybug party lights

Ladybug Party Games and
Ladybug Birthday Party Activities

  • Butterfly, Butterfly, Ladybug! Play like duck, duck, goose

  • Pin the spot on the ladybug Like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Musical ladybug Pre-cut out large leaves out of felt material (for the chairs). The leaves can be randomly placed around the room when the ladybugs are flying around the room to music. Play the same way as musical chairs.

  • Garden Collage Have the guests create a collage. Get lots of different material with lots of different textures (e.g., different papers, cloth, etc.). Pre-cut different shapes to look like flowers, bugs, butterflies, trees/leaves. Also have available sequence, beads, etc. to add decorations to their masterpieces.

  • Thumb Ladybug Each person gets a framed canvas. On the canvas do a wash of color (watered down paint, for a faint color try oranges, pinks, purples, blues, etc.). Next take a thin paintbrush and dip it in brown paint, then make two or three brush strokes across the canvas to create branches. With another brush add a couple of leaves. Now you can use your thumb (help will be needed for painting fingertips). Paint your fingertips red and place them on the branches. When your ladybugs dry use a felt tip pen/marker to draw the spots and antenna on the ladybugs. ** A little hint when painting at a party is to have a hair drier handy to blow dry the different stages of painting. This way it speeds up the process and the painting will look better in the end.

  • Decorate Ladybug sugar cookies You can make ladybugs, watering cans or sunflowers

  • Blow bubbles
  • Fun Printable Party Games
  • More Kids Party Games

Ladybug Party Food

LadyBug Cake
LadyBug Cake
  • Strawberry / raspberry fruit juice
  • Ladybug cupcakes. Cut the top off of the cup cake to separate for wings
  • Ladybug cake. Use a preshaped pan (easy to use – use lots of non-stick spray)
  • Real strawberry ice-cream, top with whip cream and berries

Ladybug Party Favors

  • Ladybug pillowcase
  • Ladybug hairband
  • Ladybug lip gloss
  • Ladybug wind up toy
  • Ladybug pin wheel

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