Monster Party Ideas
Monster Birthday Party Ideas

Are You brave enough for a Monster Party?

Not even Godzilla, Bigfoot or Frankenstein could handle this party! Kids love monsters of all shapes and sizes. Hosting a Monster theme party for your kids next birthday will excite everyone and have them thinking outside of the coffin! Have a Monsteriffic time at your Monster birthday party!

Monster Party Supplies

  • Dare your guests to come to your Monster Birthday with Spookable Monster Invitations included in this party pack. If they make to the end without getting scared, don't forget to thank them for their courage!
  • Use Monster Theme Decorations including Monster napkins, Monster plates, Monster cups, Monster table cover, Monster centerpiece, Monster Birthday Banner, Monster Party hats, Monster party blowers and Monster Mylar balloons.
  • Use the Color Theme blue, purple and green
  • Have monster feet leading into the party / party room or area
  • Hang cotton spider webs in the corners of the ceiling
  • Have large cut outs of monsters to hand on the walls (if you can’t find any make some or hire a neighborhood artist to help out with the painting). Let your imagination go wild with your monsters.
  • Use a fog machine
  • Play Monster music

Monster Theme Party Games and Activities

  • Big Foot Race Strap on monster feet and run a foot face (these can be purchased at big box stores). The monster feet should be larger and are like wearing water flippers.
  • Eyeball Race Play like spoon and egg race game. Use Spoons and ping pong balls decorated like eyes!
  • Hungry Henry Feed the monster bean bag game. This is like one of the fair type games. Get a piece of MDF and draw a picture of a monster cut out three holes (e.g., mouth 3 points, neck 2 points, hand 1 point), and then paint the monster. Give each guest 3 bean bags to throw during the game.
  • Mummy Madness Make small groups and give each group a roll of toilet paper. They then take the toilet paper and wrap one player in the group to make a Mummy.
  • Monsters in the Closet Play hid and go seek. The monster that it is counts in the closet (don’t let them get scared – let them hold a glow light.)
  • Monster Mash Dance and Monster Musical Chairs. Use many traditional monster songs like Monster Mash, Purple People Eater and there are also many newer monster songs like Monster Party by Splash ‘n Boots the song in the video below:


Monster Birthday Party Craft Creations

  • Folding Paper Monster Get a white piece of thicker art paper and 3 colors of paint. Fold the paper in half length wise. Then re-open the paper. Drop a couple of blops of paint onto the crease of the paper. Fold the paper closed again and smooch the paint outwards. Use a felt tipped marker and add on eyes, etc. once the paint is dry.
  • Straw Blown Monster Get a piece of art paper (a little thicker with some texture). Drip a bit of paint. With your straw blow the paint to form your monster. When the paint is dry use a black felt tip pen and draw features onto your monster.
  • Name Monster better for older people that can cursive write their names) fold a piece of paper in half (can be any type paper). Along the line cursive write your name with pencil (large to fill the half page of paper). Then draw/sketch your name in cursive writing in the mirror image from the fold in the paper. With markers then color in your monster and remember to name your character.
  • Watch Monsters vs. Aliens or Monsters Inc. (both very cute movies and good for little ones). If you have an older crowd there are tons of Monster Movies to choose from.

Monster Birthday Food

  • Make Monster punch. Add in strings of fruit in the punch. E.g., like strips of orange will look like worms
  • Monster Mash. Trail mix and other dishes of munchies
  • Eyeball eggs. Make some devilled eggs to look like eyes
  • Monster cookies, Monster Foot cookies, Eyeball cookies (sugar cookies that are decorated with cookie icing)
  • Make a Monster Cake. Create the shape using the Wilton cake pan of a teddy bear and decorate to look like your monster
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Monster Party Favors

  • Monster Coloring Books
  • Monster Tattoos
  • Gooey Slime
  • Eyeball bouncy ball
  • Glow Sticks and Jewelry