Mortgage Burning Party Ideas

A mortgage burning party is exactly the type of party that we should be invited to often. Unfortunately, in these hard times it is difficult to pay off your mortgage. It is tempting to put your money else where, but I do believe that this will be the most rewarding party ever.

On the shows All in the Family and Archie and Edith Bunker they host a mortgage burning party. Ever since I saw this I have started planning my own.

Mortgage Burning Party Invitations

You can keep this party as discrete as you wish. Within you invitations, you can invite your friends and family to a cocktail party, BBQ or bonfire. It is to your discretion whether you let your guests in on the ultimate reason behind the party.

Another fun bash for the occasion would be a bon voyage party. Let your guests know that you have been planning this vacation for many years and your wanted to celebrate the kick off.

Mortgage Burning Decorations

Your decorations need to fit the theme of the party.

If this is a full disclosure party then have a picture of your bank or credit union with an old looking document (to represent your mortgage certificate). Place these in a beautiful frame and use this as one of your center pieces.

Have a beautiful bouquet of flowers beside the picture of your mortgage. This will be like an ending or funeral for your banking institution. They will be in tears every month they now don’t receive your hard earned money.

Have a beautiful fire pit or chimney. Decorate around this with lanterns. This way your guests can see the production.

Mortgage Burning Ceremony

Walk out to the fire pit with chains on your wrists, holding your frame with the picture of your banking institution and a mock up of your mortgage papers (I would keep the originals just in case you need them for any reason in the future).

Stand front and center and make a speech. During your speech take off your chains and burn the papers. Make a tasteful toast to yourself and your friends. For fun, make and serve a Mortgage Burning Cake in the shape of a dollar sign!

Burn your papers or plant your money tree in your backyard! Congratulations!!