Mothers Day Party Ideas

Mothers Day Party What can we say … we would not be here without our Mothers. A Mothers Day Party can celebrate our bond we share with our Mothers. We can show appreciation in a number of ways: send a Mother’s day gift, send a Mother’s day card, write a Mother’s day poem or make Mother’s day crafts. You can make these yourself or with your children.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Tradtitional Mother’s Day Gifts

  • Flowers
  • Bath products
  • Spa Refresher Gift Set
  • Family tree
  • Scrapbook
  • Personal craft
  • Framed photograph
  • Organic products
  • Tea / coffee selection
  • Cheeses
  • Chocolates
Personalize Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Jewellery (e.g., birthstones, charm bracelet, etc.)
  • Jewellery box or tree
  • Article of clothing
  • Purse
  • Digital photo key chain
Hobby Mother’s Day Gift
  • Golfing Around Gift Bag
  • Garden ornament or tool
  • Vintage wine
Adventurous Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Tattoo
  • Sky diving
~ Mothers Day Gift Ideas~

Mothers Day Party Crafts

Tissue Paper Bouquet of Flowers

  • Fold a larger piece of tissue paper many times to make a square shape
  • Draw a heart shape on the tissue paper and cut it out (making many colourful petals)
  • Use a pipe cleaner for the stem – poke it through the point end of the heart shaped tissue paper. Take another heart and rotate it a little and poke it through, until you have used all the hearts.
  • Fold the end of the pipe cleaner so the hearts will not fall off
  • Fold up the heart petals and wrap the pipe cleaner with a small piece of clear tape
  • Cut green tissue paper into a heart (for a leaf) – make two hearts
  • Glue it onto a piece of pipe cleaner (put pipe cleaner in between the two hearts)
  • Wrap the leaf pipe cleaner around the stem pipe cleaner to finish off the flower
  • Repeat as many times for the number of desired flowers
Painted Flower Pot (this will also work with a clear glass vase or wine glasses – just remember to use glass paint)
  • Buy a regular flower pot
  • Lightly sketch on paper or extremely lightly on the flower pot your design
    • flowers
    • squiggle lines
    • polka dots
    • stars
  • Use permanent paint (try acrylic paint) and a small paint brush to paint and add details
  • First do the all over coat of paint (let it dry completely)
  • Then paint your design (do one color at a time and allow for drying time in between colours)
Reverse Glass Painting
  • Buy a nice, cheap picture frame – make sure you like the frame
  • Find a picture that you like – you want the shape to be simple (e.g., a large flower, shattered heart, butterfly, etc.)
  • Take the glass out of the frame and tape the picture to the glass
  • Use Indian Ink (black permanent ink – this will stain) and a tooth pick and outline the shape of the picture (make this a little thick) – allow this to dry!
  • Use sharpie markers to colour in the drawing (use different colors beside each other) – allow this to dry
  • Remove the picture that you taped on the glass
  • Put the glass back into the frame (picture will be the reverse)
~ Mothers Day Craft Ideas~

Printable Mothers Day Party Games

Mother's Day Printables Pack
- $ 19.95
Planning your Mother's Day celebrations? Our printable Mother's Day Party Games Pack is packed with Mother's Day fun! Our delightfully-designed Mother's Day printables include Mother's Day Keepsake kids' craft activity, Left-Right gift exchange game, Mother May I? kids-with-mom game, Mother's Day Trivia, Mother's Day Homemade Matinee and much more.

Mothers Day Party Activities

  • Make Mom breakfast in bed
  • Have a picnic
  • Go out to eat at Mom’s favorite restaurant
  • Go to the beach and take a nice walk
  • Send Mom to the spa
  • Send Mom on a weekend getaway
  • Have a Family Photo

Mothers Day Party Poem Ideas

Write your own unique poem for your Mother, Wife, Daughter and / or Grandmother for Mother’s Day. This might seem more difficult than it really is. The people that you are writing will love the effort and individual attention that is paid towards them. This will really make them feel special.

Some Poetry hints:

  • Keep it simple
  • It does not need to rhyme
  • Jot down some ideas or thoughts about the person that you are writing about
  • Make a theme – love, appreciation, humor, etc.
  • Select a style (optional) This may help to write your poem to follow a structure
  • Take a break if words don't come right away
  • Try to write a first draft (will not be perfect and don’t try to be perfect)
  • Revise a couple of times (take a few more breaks)
Here are two anonymous examples:

Mom and Me

Best friends forever mom and me
Picking flowers and climbing trees.
A shoulder to cry on secrets to share
Warm hearts and hands that really care.
Author Unknown

My Mother

My Mother, my friend so dear
Throughout my life you're always near.
A tender smile to guide my way
You're the sunshine to light my day.
Author Unknown

~ Mothers Day Party Ideas~

Mother’s Day Books

Some favorite children’s stories are:

  • Love You Forever written by Robert Munch
  • Mother’s Day written by Anne Rockwell

  • Share Your Mothers Day Party Ideas,
    Poems or Other Fun Stories

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