Musical Chairs

Ages: 4 and older 

Objective: In musical chairs players go round and round a circle of an uneven number of chairs while listening to music. When the music stops players must find a chair to sit on or they're out.

Players: 5 or more

Materials: Equal number of chairs per player, Cd player and music

Rules: Start with the same amount of chairs as players. Place chairs evenly in a circle facing out. Start the music. Have players march around the circle of chairs while the music plays. Stop the music mid-way through the song. When the music stops players must quickly find a chair to sit on. For the first round, every player gets a chair. When play resumes take away one chair and start the music. The next time the music stops the player who doesn't find a chair is out. Continue to start and stop the music part way, and taking away one chair each time. The last round will consist of two players and one chair. The player who sits down first the last time wins.