Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Roll out the barrel for the most memorable Oktoberfest party ideas! This traditional party may even become your friends and family's favourite fall harvest party!

Oktoberfest Party Supplies and Decorations

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  • Use the colour theme: black, red and gold (the German Flag colours) or blue and white
  • Depending on the weather host the party in your garden. Use lots of twinkle lights or lanterns.
  • Wear your traditional German dresses and suits. This is not only fun, it adds to the decorations.
  • Have beer steins to drink from and as decor (e.g., use for a vase of flowers, etc.). They come in all colours and sizes.
  • Play Oktoberfest Party music, or hire a band to play live. If you are going for a live band it will work even if you can only hire a single person to play an accordion.

Oktoberfest Party Games & Activities

  • Dance to polka music then after a couple of drinks the Chicken Dance (it was make everyone have a good giggle)

  • Beer Stein Race - Race with a number of filled beer steins in your hands. Once you cross the finish line dump the beer into a container. There are two winner the race winner and the quantity of beer left.

  • Beer Pong Contest - line up glasses (like bowling) and try to hit a ping pong ball into the opponents glass. If you succeed they need to drink the beer. The aim is to make your opponent drink all their beers before you.

Oktoberfest Party Food
Oktoberfest Party Ideas

  • Serve numerous German Beers: host using kegs for a larger crowd or have German beers in the bottle (show the labels). Some traditional beers: Beck's, WarSteiner and St. Pauli Girl; or something unfamiliar that you can serve would be Einbecker Dunkel.

  • Oktoberfest foods that come to mind are: sauerkraut, sausages (brats and knackwurst), bbq chicken, potato salad, pretzels

  • Sauces and dips: zesty mustard, apple butter, pumpkin butter

  • Oktoberfest Dessert: Make an Oktoberfest theme cake, Black forest cake.

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