Parents Day

Parents Day (the fourth Sunday in July) is to celebrate the love between a parent and child. Robert Munch’s book Love You Forever, will bring a tear to your eyes if you are a parent. Your parents have tried their hardest to raise you and have sacrificed for you over the years, so today is a fantastic day to honor your parents. You love your parents all days of the year, but remember to remind them of this love on thus special day.

Parents Day Cards

Remember to send a loving card to your parents. Whether it is mushy or funny a note they will appreciated the effort and it will let your parents know that you love them. Or dazzle them with these amazing photo cards.

Parents Day Activities

  • Host a family picnic or BBQ
  • As a family eat out at a favorite restaurant
  • Go to the beach
  • Send Mom and Dad on a weekend getaway
  • Have a Family Photo

Play some fun Printable Picnic Games!

Picnic Game Ideas: Bargain Hamper of Printable Games

Gifts for Proud Parents

Parent of the Year Award Go to your local hardware store and buy a wooden plaque. Carve "Parent of the Years Award" and your parent’s name. When you get home, lightly sand the plaque and the put on a couple of coats of polyurethane.

Write and Illustrate a book
Write about a special event that happened between you and your parents e.g., a family vacation, etc. Dedicate the book to your Parents.

Write a Parents Poem
Write a love felt or humorous poem to your parents.

Some Poetry hints:

  • Pick an event to write about and keep it simple
  • It does not need to rhyme
  • Try to write a first draft and jot down many ideas it does not have to be perfect
  • During the revision process take a couple of breaks and then return to the poem
More Great Gift Ideas
  • Family Photo
  • Family Tree Picture Frame
  • Birthstone Jewellery
  • Create your Family Tree
  • Digital Frame Keychain
  • Digital Photo Frame

Share Your Parents Day Ideas Here!!

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