Purse Party Ideas

A purse party can be a fun way for anyone to make some good money in an evening or you can even turn these parties into a lucrative business. Invite many friends and family that will buy purses and invite guests to keep the party fun and lively. If the party atmosphere is right you will sell more therefore earn more. Good luck and have fun!

Purse Party Invitations

Create invitations shaped like a purse. With a glue gun add some jewels and a ribbon or two to add some detail to your purse.

Purse Party

What is a Purse Party?

A purse party or as a friend of mine likes to call it a She She Party is a promotional party that sells purses and jewellery. I’m sure most will remember Tupperware parties, well these purse parties for hip stylish women.

Purse Party Jewellery and Accessories

Designer Handbag Party Decorations

Keep the decorations simple and chic. Use the colour theme of silver, diamonds and black. Hang some ‘diamonds’ and ‘pearls’ from your chandelier. Use simple flowers like tulips to decorate around your purse displays. Set up a bar (on a regular table) using a table cloth, drink options and glasses. Dim the lights and light many beautiful candles.

Purse Party Necklaces

She She Party Intro

To start off the party on the right foot have the guests enter their name into a draw at the cocktail table. Next give the guests time to mingle and look at the purses and jewellery (with no sales pressure)

Purse Party Scarves

Purse Party Games

  • Messy Purse Have all the ladies show off their purses. Have them explain that favourite features and while opening you can all see in them. Take a verbal, good humour, joking vote to which purse is the messiest. This person can then receive a 10% discount on a necessary new purse.

  • What’s in your Purse? Create a list of items commonly found in purses and also some funny embarrassing items that maybe found in purses. Everyone gets one point per item in their purse. The guest with the most items wins a prize.

    Some examples:
      • Picture of significant other
      • picture of children / grandchildren
      • gift card
      • pepper spray
      • make-up (be specific)
      • drivers license
      • toothbrush
      • Q-tip
      • feminine product
      • Kleenex
      • camera
      • condom
      • gum
      • glasses
      • alcoholic beverage
      • bottle opener
      • receipt for shoes
      • nail file
      • nail clippers
      • calendar
      • stamps
      • hair thing
      • brush
      • cell phone
      • hand sanitizer
      • someone else’s house key
      • flashlight
      • mirror
      • tide stick
      • hand lotion
      • business card
      • soother

  • Multiple Purse Reward If a friend purchases three or more purses send them home with a dozen purse shaped cookies or a dozen flowers. These flowers could be used throughout party as a beautiful decoration.

  • Hide a jewel, sticker or business card in amongst the purses or jewellery display. The person who purchases this item should win a door prize.

Door Prize Ideas:
  • flowers
  • discount
  • cookies
  • key chain
  • scratch lotto ticket

Party Purse Food


  • pink champagne
  • daiquiris
  • red and white wine

Finger foods
  • strawberries
  • fruit / vegetable tray
  • gourmet chocolates

  • cheese cake or a specialty cake shaped like a designer purse

Add Your Purse Party Ideas, Stories And Party Pictures Here!

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