Rice Clips

Ages: 13 and older (rice games)

Objective: A fun game of Rice Clips is where blindfolded players try to find as many paper clips as they can in a bowl of rice.

Players: 3 or more

Materials: rice, paper clips, bowls, blindfolds

Rules: This game is best played at a table, or around a coffee table with players on their knees. Give each player a medium to large bowl filled half way with uncooked rice. Place and even number of small paper clips in each bowl and mix them in. Blindfold each player. This is a good time for some house rules. No turning the bowl upside down, and no throwing the rice out in a mad scramble to find the clips. When everyone is ready players must then with their hands try and pick out as many paper clips as they can. You can make this a timed event or wait until the first person finds them all. When they do, they are the winner!