Ringette Party Ideas

Ringette Party Ideas

Ringette is the hottest game on ice these days! Use our Ringette Party Ideas to host the coolest ringette party! Get the team together and become the hottest with the coolest team building party. The popularity is taking off on this sport and your team can sure make a name for itself.

Ringette Party Games and
Ringette Party Activities

  • 6 Wonders -Create a scavenger hunt to find the 6 wonders (representing the 6 players on the ice). With your scavenger hunt have the items hidden attached to a ring. Also attach a rolled paper with another clue. Finding the 6 wonders will then get you to the finally prize or piñata (use a ringette stick on the piñata).

  • Pass the Blue Line -Create a couple of teams and form a line zig zaging across a long blue rope. At one end of the rope have a bucket of water balloons. Toss then down the relay and have the person break it dumping the water into a cup. The first team to fill their cup with water wins.

  • Paint your Sticks - As simple as it seams decorate yours and each others sticks as memory pieces. These can then be used as practice sticks or decorations.

  • I Love Ringette T-shirts - Get I love ringette t-shirts for your guests. Have a huge pack of sharpie markers or other material permanent markers for the guests to write slogans, sign names and doodle on each others shirts.

  • Ring Toss - Create a ring toss game like a game of horse shoes.

Ringette Party Food

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Have a BBQ!
  • Make Snow cones
  • Serve sodas or sports drinks

Ringette Party Favours

  • Ringette pendant
  • Rringette iron on embroidered badge

Ringette Shirts, Sweaters and Apparel

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