Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Royal Wedding Party
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You are cordially invited to the Royal event of the century with these Royal Wedding party ideas. We have all watched Charles and Dianna’s sons grow into successful, well rounded men. We are also thrilled that Prince William met Kate Middleton. From a traditional family, Kate is the modern princess fairy tale. Being a well educated, confident woman, Miss Catherine will be a kind and generous duchess. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  • Wedding Date: Friday April 29th, 2011.
  • Ceremony Place: Westminster Abbey
  • Reception Place: Buckingham Palace

Royal Wedding Party Decorations
Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Keeping with the event, this is the day to celebrate with your formal china and crystal. Shine up your silver ‘tis the occasion. Use a white table cloth. Line the center of your table with a single large colorful burst flower in a simple glass or crystal vase. The table would look nice using a grouping of three flower arrangements. In between the flowers have groupings of three different sized white candles. When setting your table measure up one inch from the edge of the table ledge and this should be your guideline for your place setting.

Use a royal blue accent color similar to Kate’s engagement ring and matching dress. (Formally Dianna’s ring).

Royal Wedding Invitations
Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Create formal looking wedding invitations. Cordially invite your guests to the viewing and celebrations of the royal couple Prince William of Wales and Miss. Catherine Middleton.

If you wish to make your own invitations find card stock paper in a nice color. Cut out a heart shape in a coordinating color. Cut out a rectangle shape (about 2x5 inch). Wrap this paper tightly around a pencil. Remove the pencil and roll the paper tighter. Cut this paper about one centimetre. This may smoosh the circle, if so make it round again. Dip the circle cut out in white glue and place onto the heart. This will create a lovely rose heart design. On the inside write neatly your party information.

Royal Wedding Party Activities
Royal Wedding Party Ideas

  • Kate’s Tiara - design and make a tiara. Cut a piece of pink card stock paper about two inches thick. Add some hole punches around the top and bottom. Feed some pink and royal blue ribbon through the holes. Leave the ribbon long at the back to cascade down your little girls back. Cut out star flower shapes from scrap booking paper. Decorate these flowers with beads and other fine jewels. Place the flowers on the tiara for the finishing touch. If you wish your tiara to sparkle consider adding tinfoil. Squeeze the tinfoil to create strips that you can bend and shape into a design.

  • Kate’s Bridal Bouquet - cut pieces of tissue paper into circles. Place these circles onto a hard surface (e.g. paper, cardboard etc. something to contain the mess). Line the outside of the tissue paper with white liquid glue. Sprinkle glitter over the white glue. Push a pipe cleaner through the tissue paper for the stem of the flower. Interlink as many flowers as you would like in your bouquet.

  • Watch the Royal Wedding Ceremony - this will be an event to remember. Make sure all your guests have a comfortable seat and are able to see the television.

  • Prince William and Kate interview

  • Monarchy’s YouTube channel

Royal Wedding Party Food
Royal Wedding Party Ideas

  • Finger sandwiches
  • Traditional English Tea
  • Sangria
  • Traditional English Wedding Cake - Fruit Cake Decorate your fruit cake with cream and white icing. Also add a floral theme (make with royal icing).
  • For more of a sweet tooth try making a Wilton Carriage Cake and design the carriage to look like the 1902 State Landau Carriage (with red interior, mid-brown wood finish outside with a golden brown trim).

Royal Wedding Attire
Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Formal attire is most suitable for a wedding, so as a wedding guest via internet / television should be no different.

The Royal Ring ~Prince William and Kate Engagement Ring

Royal Wedding Party Favours
Royal Wedding Party Ideas

Go with the flow of the wedding just like you were a guest. Kate and William have created a charitable gift fund. In lieu of gifts think of all the ways a donation could help so many others in the world. If you do not have a charity close to your heart, some of the charities that William and Kate have suggested are:

  • Children Fulfilling Their Potential
      • A National Voice
      • Venture Trust
      • Into University
      • BeatBulling
      • Keyfund

  • Changing Lives through Life and Sport
      • GreenHouse Charity
      • PeacePlayers International - Northern Ireland
      • Ocean Youth Trust UK
      • Oily Cart Company
      • Dance United: Lives Transformed Through Dance

  • Help and Care at Home
      • The Community Foundation in Wales
      • Berkshire Community Foundation
      • Youth Access
      • ACT (Association for Children’s Palliative Care)
      • Scottish Community Foundation
      • Support for Service Personnel and their Families
      • Army Widows’ Association
      • Cruse Bereavement Care
      • Australia, Canada and New Zealand
      • Combat Stress
      • Benevolent Funds

  • Conservation for Future Generations
      • Earthwatch
      • Sumatran tiger, Indian Tiger and Amur Tiger (Zoological Society of London)
      • African forest elephant and Asian elephant (Zoological Society of London)
      • Black rhino and greater one-horned rhino (Zoological Society of London)

  • Here is a link to all the above Charities

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