Space Party Ideas

What an adventurous space party this can be either centered around fiction or non-fiction ideas. Many young children and adults dream about outer space and what it would be like to be an astronaut or meet aliens. Children love astronomy, space exploration and aliens … a space birthday party … what a great theme for your next party.

Space Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Use the color theme blue, purple and yellow
  • Decorate your party room like outer space
  • Sketch / paint planets on cardboard and hang on the wall
  • Hang the stars and solar system (e.g., little and big dipper)This can be done as simple as taking star cardboard cut-outs covered in tin foil
  • Hang pictures of aliens
  • Hang pictures of astronauts and “real” spaceships
  • Hang a Space Personalized Banner
  • Hang some balloons, try to hang some Star Shaped Mylar Balloons
  • Space theme napkins, tablecloth, cups, plates, etc.
  • For your Space centerpiece use a Space Ship

Space Party Games and Activities

  • Upon arrival take a photo of the guests with their head through a photo banner (looking like an astronaut in outer space)
  • Visit your local planetarium
  • Pin the rings on Saturn
  • Create and Color your own Spaceship (use left over pieces of wood to create the unique spaceships – remember to use safety precautions)
  • Cosmic rocket kit – set off a rocket (or two) and watch them fly
  • Painted Spaceship. Use an old appliance box and paint it to create a spaceship
  • Mission to Mars. Pretend you land on mars (wearing your space helmets) and search to find the hidden aliens
  • More Great Kids Party Games

Space Birthday Party Food

  • Iced tea, fruit punch
  • Star shaped sandwiches
  • Star shaped cookies
  • Star shaped cake. Use a Star Cake Pan
  • Shuttle shaped cake
  • Alien Cake

Space Theme Party Favors

  • Space loot bag
  • Rocket
  • Toy shuttle
  • Space stickers
  • Bouncy balls
  • Space blowers
  • Outer space certificates (completed training and outer space mission)