Sponge Bob Race

Ages: 4 and older

Objective: A Sponge Bob Race is when players must fill their buckets full of water using only a sponge.

Players: 3 or more

Materials: one equal size sponge per player, two same sized buckets per player, water

Rules: On the playing field place half of the buckets in a row about three feet apart and fill them full of water. Ten feet away place the second row of empty buckets parallel to the first. You may move this row further away depending on the age of the player. Give each play a sponge and have them stand beside their empty bucket. Be sure that the all buckets clearly line up with each player. When the game begins players must then run back and forth to their bucket of water and use the sponge to bring water back to fill the empty bucket. This event can either be timed and the most water in the empty bucket after that time wins, or make a mark on the empty bucket and the first player to reach that mark with water wins.

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