Surprise Party Ideas

Throwing and planning a Surprise Party can be just as exciting for the guests as it is for the one being Surprised! The anticipation alone and trying to keep a secret can be very challenging.

However, with that said it can prove to be the most memorable of all parties. Plan and share vital information with only friends and family you truly trust. Have your guests arrive at least 30 min. prior, and be sure cars are out of sight!


Surprise Party Invitations

Inviting your guests can be a little tricky since you don’t want the guest of honour to find out about the party. Sending an e-mail or e-vite is a modern way of helping to keep that secret. However, if you don’t want to leave a trail, picking up the phone, or hand delivering an invitation is a sure way to avoid mistakes. Be creative, and stress how important the surprise party is. That is after all the whole idea.

Restaurant Dinner Party

Plan a nice dinner out with the guest of honour. Pick their favourite place to eat out, or somewhere with a party room, or enough space for all the guests. Everything will appear normal like a regular night out. Make reservations to stress the time that you have to go. Personally drive them to insure that they are not late for their own party. Have the other guests arrive at a restaurant 30 min before, and try to have them park their cars where there would be no suspicion of recognizing someone’s car. When the guest of honour arrives have everyone yell Surprise!

Limo Destination

Have a small gathering at someone’s house or your own. Plan an unexpected visit from a limo. All the guests will know except the one being surprised and everyone will pile in the limo. Plan several stops like a spa or bar, restaurant or sporting event or even a concert. Have everything pre-arranged and booked and this will go off with out a hitch. For a larger group rent a party bus!

Breakfast Surprise Birthday Party

Have all the guest arrive quietly in the morning around 6-7am in their PAJAMAS! Leave the front or backdoor open and have some coffee brewing. Everyone will be sitting at the kitchen table when the guest of honour wakes up to find a surprise in the kitchen!

Before and After Surprise Party

Tell the guest of honour you have a quiet evening planned with one of your friends. Say that you are going for supper or to watch a movie. Have all the guests arrive about 30 min prior to you arriving with the guest of honour and hide all the cars. Have several of the un-expected guests wait in the kitchen or living room for the initial surprise, and the rest of the guest waiting in the basement or backyard. When the guest of honour arrives the first group will yell Surprise! However, the real shock will come when there is another Surprise!

No Show Surprise Party

This is great for a baby, bridal shower or birthday. This also works really well for busy people, or people who live far away. To all the guests mail out a card explaining the no-show surprise party. Have inside a pre-address and stamped envelope to the guest of honour all the same size. Have everyone buy a gift card, or write a note or favourite recipe to put inside. Then have everyone mail them on the exact same day. Make sure the guest of honour checks the mail the week of the expected arrival of all the “fan” mail! Surprise!

Surprise Treasure Hunt

When the guest of honour wakes up in the morning, have a secret message note waiting for them to read. If you are creative make it a riddle. Plan several places or activities for them to go each place revealing a new clue and a new group of people waiting. The last clue will lead them to the big party or restaurant where all the guests will be!

Long Time No See

Plan an unexpected visit from an old friend or family member that lives far away or that they haven‘t seen for a long time. Have that guest casually sit in the room with the other guests. See how long until it takes the guest of honour to notice their old friend and have the cameras waiting!

Get Out Of Work Early

Plan with the guest of honours employer to have them get out of work early or to send them on a delivery . When they get home early from work or arrive at the place their boss sent them, all the guest will be waiting!

Kidnapping Theme 1

This is great for a kids party. Pre-arrange with the parents of your child’s friends. Arrive really early in the morning, or in the middle of the night. Fake kidnap your child’s friend by waking them up and have them come with you in whatever they are wearing. This of course will be explained to the child and the parent of that child will be in on the event and will be there to insure that no one is upset. One by one stop at each person’s house and have everyone go in to wake up the next. Once everybody is in the vehicle take everyone out for breakfast or plan another fun event!

Kidnapping Theme 2

In the middle of the night kidnap the guest of honour (with their consent of course) and blindfold them. Take them to a secret destination where all the other guest will be waiting! This also can work with the get out of work early idea.

The Quiet Dinner

This is a fun party if there is no budget. Rent out an entire restaurant or movie theatre for the evening. Have you and the guest of honour show up first. One by one guests just start showing up. Surprise!

Mystery Costume Surprise Party

Have all the guests arrive 30min prior and come dressed up to the party wearing a costume with a mask. When the guest of honour arrives he or she will be surprised and will have to guess who everyone is!

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