Taste Buds

Ages: 13 and older

Objective: What is it? Guess the mystery food or drink by using your Taste Buds!

Players: 4 or more

Materials: several different types of food or drink

Rules: Before the game starts prepare the different kinds of food or drink that the players will try. You may use different kinds of ice cream or desserts, or some spicy food for fun. For an adult party, try different types of alcoholic beverages mixed with pop or juice. This can be a multiple choice game if players are having trouble guessing the mystery food. To play, blindfold the player and give them the food or drink to try. Have them guess what it is. Are they right? For a baby shower try using baby food. Take the labels off and pass the jars around. Have everyone make their guess on a piece of paper. The person with the most correct wins!