Three Legged Race

Ages: 5 and older

Objective: Players participate in a three legged race where racers are paired and the players have one of their legs tied to the other persons leg.

Players: 6 or more

Materials: Strong ribbon, scarves or old neck ties

Rules: Tell players to pick a partner. However, if you feel you should pick the teams then try to match pairs evenly. (example: height, weight, strength etc.) By using the scarf's or old neck ties, have or assist players to tie two of their legs together. One at the ankle or another just below the knee works best. Check all the players tying job before beginning for fairness and safety. When you say Go! players then must work together and try to run down the race track without falling. Players will not be penalized for falling. Preferably play on grass like a soccer field or big backyard. The first team across the finish line wins!