Tie Dye Party Ideas

Tie Dye Party

Tie dye your way to relaxation with a Tie Dye Party! People always look relaxed and appear to enjoy life when wearing their spiral tie dyed shirts. Why not have a blast from the past and throw a 60s Party. Make it unique, you can die almost anything you can wear. Have fun with your Tie Dye Birthday Party and think outside of the box.

Tie Dye Party Supplies

Get everything you need for your Tie Dye Birthday in this Party Pack!

Tie Dye Deluxe Birthday Box
- $ 49.99
Our Tie Dye Party Deluxe Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your preteen and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8 including psychedelic colored plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, cutlery, and streamers.

  • The above Tye Dye party pack includes some of the following:
  • Tie Dye napkins
  • Tie Dye plates
  • Tie Dye cups
  • Tie Dye table cover
  • Tie Dye Party hat
  • Tie Dye party blowers
  • Tie Dye Mylar balloons – looks fantastic!
  • Lime and Orange Star Mylar Balloon
  • Use a color theme of red, blue, green, yellow and orange (select your favorite color to be your accent from the tie dye theme)
  • Tie Dye Birthday Banner
  • Daisy Bead Curtain
  • Set up a Lava lamp
  • Gather all the pillows in your house and place them all in one room for floor pillows to sit and relax or get bean bag chairs
  • Hang a Hammock
  • Peace Buggy Pinata
  • Daisy Pinata
  • To make homemade Tye Dye Party Invitations, it's time to practice your tie die skills. Make tie dye bandanas … 1 per guest. Once the bandanas are washed and dried use a material marker to write all the party information on the bandanas. Then for the finishing touch roll them up in a ball and tie them with a twine looking rope or ribbon.

Tie Dye Party Games and Activities

Tie Dye your own unique designs:
How to Tie Dye a Shirt

  • Find an area that you can make a bit of a mess e.g., backyard, garage, basement, etc. This can be a messy activity.
  • Make two areas: a prep station and a dye station
  • Wear rubber gloves. You don’t want your hands to match your new clothes (make sure you have enough for all your guests)
  • You can purchase a tie dye kit
  • Have many different containers available. Large bowls or buckets
  • Add some fabric die or bleach into the different dye bottles (once the dye is mixed it needs to be used within ½ hour to keep the colors crisp)
  • Select the shirt you would like to die. Favorites are tank tops and t-shirts, but you can be creative and tie dye anything. Think outside of the box – e.g., night gowns at a pyjama party. * fabric needs to be 100% cotton and pre-wash items
  • Roll up your shirt and place elastics around it (keep it tight) The different ways that you roll and tie your shirt will create different patterns
  • Squirt the shirt with the dye. Select an arrangement of colors
  • When you have all the colors you wish on the shirt take off the elastics and lay flat to dry
  • Then when the shirt has dried throw it in your washing machine (alone) washing out any excess die. (best to wash the next day)
  • Enjoy wearing your creation!
Painting Tie Dye type designs
  • Hand Painting Art
  • Do a wash over craft paper (watered down paint, cover the paper with the lightly colored water) Have a partner paint your hands in different colors. Do a swirl design
  • Each finger a different color
  • Place your hands down on craft paper

  • Paint Blending
  • Everyone gets a piece of craft paper
  • Put some blops of different color paint on your paper
  • Either: fold the paper over and flatten it open it up to see your design or get a straw and blow on the paint creating a unique design
More fun Tye Dye Party Activities:

Tie Dye Party Food

  • Make your favorite punches available in large bowls. Make different colored ice cubes
  • Finger sandwiches made with a daisy cookie cutter
  • Fruit and veggie tray
  • Three cake ideas:
    • Make a Daisy Cake. This is simply done with a preformed daisy cake pan
    • Retro Car Cake. Use a 3D punch buggy cake pan for the shape
    • Peace Symbol Cake. Use a 9 inch round cake pan. When it is cooked and fully cooled cut out the center pieces creating a peace symbol.
  • More Fun Cake Ideas

Tie Dye Party Favors

  • 60s Temporary Tattoos<
  • Pre-made Groovy Favor Set Loot Bag
  • Groovy Favor Bag – very unique and retro lookingTie Dye Party Favor bag
  • Smiley face daisy bag
  • Mini bubbles
  • Swirl eraser
  • Peace bracelet
  • Groovy playing cards

Share your Tie Dye Party Ideas and Pictures Here!

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