Toga Party

toga party

The Greeks partied before all of us. Everyday was a toga party for them. Become a Roman Goddess on Mount Olympus and turn your house or backyard into ancient Greece. Host your own Greek themed party with our toga theme party ideas.

toga party

The Greeks partied before all of us. Everyday was a toga party for them. Become a Roman Goddess on Mount Olympus and turn your house or backyard into ancient Greece. Host your own Greek themed party with our toga theme party ideas.

Toga Party Invitations

There are many different ideas on how you could make your very own toga invitations. First figure out your material and look at what you wish. There are a few design suggestions below. Then add on a saying like, “Opa! Please join us in celebration at ___’s garden toga party”, “___ the king of gods/goddesses request your presence at their toga party”. Use an ancient text for the writing and add roman numerals for the dats, times, ages, etc.

  • Create your own personal invitation scrolls. Make these out of long thin sheets of paper. Hot glue gun each end to a small wooden dowel. 
  • Use gold paint on a quality piece of material
  • Use antique looking paper with a leaf of garland look around the outside

Toga Party Decorations

  • Set the scene like Ancient Roman or a Greek theme with columns and green leafy plants
  • Have a welcome to say “Welcome demigods, or Welcome Greek gods and goddesses”. And if there are different party areas you can add additional signage “Caesars palace’, “Keep calm and toga”
  • Color theme of white, black, gold and a splash of a soft color of your choice (sea foam green, blue, pink, etc.)
  • Create artificial vines by using twisted green crepe paper, or green pool noodles
  • Candles in large lanterns with sand or glass stones in the bottom
  • Bunches of grapes
  • Pillars and columns decorated with hanging vines and sheets draping
  • Statue busts of a of Greek mythology figure (Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Hercules, or Helen of Troy)
  • Metallic curtains
  • Trojan horse - make out of cardboard boxes, decoupage together and paint
  • Create a photo area for a souvenir photo
  • Terracotta urns and bowls
  • White and gold balloons archway
  • Oil-burning lamps
  • Ivy vine garland
  • Wine glasses filled on a mirror with small candles
  • Gold and green ivy garland along the edges of all your tables
  • Tiki torches
  • Re-create the Coliseum

Toga Attire - How To Tie A Toga

How to make, tie and wear a toga:

  • 4 or 5 yards of a good quality piece of material instead of a bed sheet if possible
  • Wrap material around the waist at least once
  • Pin it at that point
  • Throw the rest over one shoulder and around the back
  • Pin it again at the waist
  • Wear shorts underneath
  • Wear sandals or thongs
  • Gold chains
  • Jewelry
  • Fake swords and shield
  • Make your own laurel-leaf crown:
  1. Use a wire coat hanger
  2. Shape it into a circle to fit on your head
  3. Then attach plastic or real leaves and wrap it around the wire hanger
  • Or make a wreath out of twisted green crepe paper

Toga Party Games and Activities

  • Hire a harpist
  • Greek costume contest for:
  1. “Best costume”
  2. “Best accessories”
  3. “Best Roman goddess"
  • Ancient Greece trivia
  • Bobbing for olives or grapes in a wide-mouth glass or bowl
  • Smile at the photobooth - Have a backdrop of the coliseum, and have lots of props for your guests. Have helmets, lightning bolt, wine glasses, pottery, a harp, sandals, swords, golden headpieces and jewelry. Also have prop signage that has sayings like, welcome to Greece, Opa, toga selfie, terror in a toga, by Zeus, goddess, toga party, etc.
  • Have some type of trivia game - have all sorts of questions about ancient Rome and Greece, Greek Gods, and commoner life and death. Have prizes for the best and worst team scores.
  • Tug of war - test your team's strength and pull to win the war. Be careful not to lose your toga.
  • Oil it up - oil wrestling was popular in ancient times. Oil a few guests and watch them wrestle. Set ground rules so hopefully nobody gets injured.
  • Toilet paper toga - each team gets a full roll of toilet paper. Then they select one teammate that they need to wrap with the toilet paper to make a toga. The first guest fully wrapped team wins.
  • Make a piece of pottery - rent an artist to help use a pottery spinning wheel and make your own piece. Then the artist can help take it to their kiln to fire dry it. Amazing keepsake.
  • Be a Statue - how long can you and your guests stand as a statue while others are trying to get them to laugh or move.
  • Medusa Tag - have a headdress of Medusa and whoever gets caught has to freeze. 
  • Achilles’ Heel - play balloon stomper. Everyone has a balloon attached to their ankle and other guests try to stomp and pop the balloon. The last guest with a full balloon wins.
  • Host a mini Greek Olympics - think of playing old country fair games like three legged race, wheelbarrow race, etc. The winners get an olive branch crown.
  • Archery or ax throwing challenge

Toga Party Food and Drink

  • Oysters on ice
  • Pig on a spit
  • Greek, caesar and pasta salads
  • Charcuterie boards with cheeses, sliced meats, fruit including oranges and pomegranates, nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Hummus and pita chips
  • Pita and tzatziki
  • Skewers with a cherry tomato, feta and a cucumber
  • Grilled lamb
  • Roasted chicken with feta and olives
  • Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Wine and or fruit punch
  • Sky Jello - Blue jello with whip cream
  • Assorted pastries 
  • Cupcakes laid out to look like a bunch of grapes