Train Cake

Train Cake by Nancy (California, USA)

train cake I found the neatest thing at the store … it was called a puzzle cake. Usually I just make cupcakes and this is a set of cupcakes placed together in a pattern to build a cake. The pattern that I selected to make was a train birthday cake. My son, like so many other boys, loves trains. He was not specific about wanting a Thomas cake, so I make this train birthday cake out of fun primary colours.

First, I laid out the pattern of cupcake holder shapes (on a cookie sheet) and made it look like a train.

I filled the cupcake holders with regular cake mix (chocolate) up to the fill lines. Then I baked the cake.

After the train cake was all cooled I iced the cake. At this point it did not look that fantastic and I started to worry. After it was all iced I was surprised at how the shape really started to appear to look like a train.

The fun step was adding all the candy. I used numerous types of candy to decorate the cake. I used M&Ms, black licorice lace, black licorice, and red licorice bites. I also added some sour poppers and a stick candy (like an old fashion lollypop).

Everyone was amazed at the creation! This train birthday cake was a fun, colourful and tasty surprise!

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