Valentines Cake Idea

Valentines Cake

Valentine's Cake

I made a heart shaped cake for Valentine’s Day. It saved me a lot of money since they cost a lot at the store. I was inspired by the show The Next Great Baker with the Cake Boss. He did a show where the contenders had to decorate a Christmas Cake in a short amount of time and I thought the cakes looked fantastic. So then I decided to try something similar for my Heart Cake.

I used a heart shaped pan to get the shape of the Valentine’s Day Cake. I traced parchment paper and lined the bottom of the pan to help my cake release from the pan after it was cooked. I made the cake a double layer. For the icing I used a simple vanilla icing. I applied this for the middle layer and around the outside. I think next time I may use a strawberry jam filling. I made a thick layer of vanilla icing for the outside. Then I designed the pretty outside.

Valentine's Cake Idea

I tinted some of the icing a burgundy shade using Wilton Burgundy and a little No Taste Red. I used this icing with tip 21 to create the outer top design. I made a comma shape one way, then I stopped icing and lifted the icing bag and starting in the opening and then made a backwards comma. This looked fantastic.

I then replaced the tip and used a tip number 5 to write the words Happy Valentine’s Day. I then used Wilton’s Decorator Favorites Pattern Press Set (similar to cookie cutters) to imprint the rest of the design. I pressed a heart shape on the top, an open heart shape on the sides and pressed a couple of vines.

I then used the tip number 5 to trace the patterns using the burgundy and leaf green colors. I then mixed the color lemon yellow with Piping Gel and filled in the heart. The heart really stood out and looked like gel. This turned to be being an easy Valentines cake idea.

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