Water Gun Fight

Ages: 4 and older

Objective: Players try to soak other players during a water gun fight while trying to keep dry themselves!

Players: 4 or more

Materials: Water, water guns or any thing else that holds water example :buckets, empty clean ketchup bottles, empty dish soap bottles etc., towels

Rules: Divide the players into two teams. Have two watering stations. Use either two garden hoses, large buckets or kiddie pools full of water. Give each player a watering weapon. Water guns or super soakers work best, but if there are a lot of players use the suggestions above. When both teams are ready with weapons full of water, play begins. Players must then try to get the other team wet with water and try to keep dry. Rules can be made against getting a player wet while they're re-filling their water weapon. Teams must only use their own water refilling station. When the game is over the team that is the least wet wins!