Water Limbo

Ages: 4 and older

Objective: Players attempt to do a water limbo under a stream of water

Players: 4 or more

Materials: garden hose attached to a water faucet, spray nozzle, broom handle, masking tape, towels

Rules: Hook up the garden hose to the spray nozzle and set it either to full or jet. Turn water tap on and adjust water pressure so that a comfortable stream forms that goes about 6 feet in distance. Take the broom handle and mark with tape every 6 inches or 1 foot. This will be your limbo marker. When all is set, hold the broom handle up vertically and hold the nozzle at the highest mark on your broom and start spraying the water. Use the locking lever on the nozzle to make it easier on your hand. Players then one at a time will attempt to go under to water stream walking forward but bending backwards if necesary in order not to hit the water. If every player made it through the first height successfully lower the stream to the next mark. If a player gets hit by the water, they will be given one more chance. If they get hit by the water again, they are out. Continue playing and lowering the stream each time until only one player remains. That player is the winner. Have that player attempt to go as low as they can. This way everyone gets wet!