Wheel Barrel Race
Perfect Party Games

Ages: 7 and older

Objective: Paired players participate in wheel barrel race where one of the players holds the legs of the other. The other player must then use their hands to make it down the race track.

Players: 6 or more

Materials: Strength and coordination

Rules: Tell players to pick a partner. However, if you feel you should pick the teams then try to match pairs evenly. (example: height, weight, strength etc.) Have players line up at the starting line. Teams must decide who will carry the legs and who will use their hands. Have one player from each team lie down on their belly with their hands out but behind the start line. Try to play on a grass area. Have the other team mate then pick up their legs. Usually at the ankles, or the ankles tucked under their arms. When all players are ready, say Go! Players will then attempt to work together to make it down the race track. Teams will not be penalized for falling. The first team across the finish line wins!

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