Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

Follow the yellow brick road to a wonderful, classic Wizard of Oz Party. The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic that has been adored by children (and adults) for generations. This enchanting tale, was written originally by L. Frank Baum in 1900, and was adapted into many films. Children of all ages love the imaginative world of Oz, so why not host your party in Oz. Invite your friends to join Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Cowardly Lion in wishing your special someone an enchanting Wizard of Oz Birthday.

Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

  • Wizard of Oz napkins
  • Wizard of Oz plates
  • Wizard of Oz cups
  • Personalized Wizard of Oz Birthday Banner
  • Wizard of Oz Mylar balloon
  • Rainbow Mylar balloon
  • Ruby Red Slipper Mylar balloon
  • Use the color theme of red, yellow and emerald green
  • Hang multi-colored decorative garland
  • Yellow brick road – make out of large butcher block paper. Draw on the bricks and paint the different shades of yellow. Hang around the party room. You can even have the brick road on angles and different sizes.
  • Emerald city – hang a small emerald city which the above yellow brick road will lead towards the Emerald City.
  • Rainbow Pinata 

To make Wizard of Oz Homemade Party Invitations, cut out ruby red shoes from red construction paper. Then write:

“Oh, Toto this party is not in Kansas anymore. Please come to Oz and help me celebrate my ___ birthday party.”

Outline the red slippers with a red marker, then make a thin line of glue and sprinkle red glitter on top to finish off the Wizard of Oz party invitations.

  • Download a photo of the Emerald City and play around with Photoshop. Try to Photoshop in the wicked witch, the monkeys, Dorothy and her gang. Add a photo of the party girl or boy into the gang with Dorothy. Then write all the party information of the back of the invitation.
  • Wizard of Oz Personalized Invitations -So fantastic with a picture of the yellow brick road leading toward the Emerald City and also has a picture representing the Wizard of Oz characters. The start by saying, “Follow the yellow brick road to a celebration for …”.

Both the Pre-made Wizard of Oz invitations and the Personalized Wizard of Oz invitations have a co-ordinating Wizard of Oz Thank you cards.

Wizard of Oz Party Games

  • Dorothy’s Ruby Red Necklace - Make necklaces. Have necklace string and different sized and shaped red beads.
  • Toto’s Tangled - Have the guests stand in a circle. They each place one hand into the circle and hold onto another’s hand. Then with their other hand place it into the center and hold hands again. Now the guests must work with teamwork to untangle and become a circle again (must hold hands the whole time).
  • Scarecrow Memory game - Make up cards with pictures from the movie Wizard of Oz. Use downloaded pictures or Wizard of Oz stickers. Flip the cards so they are facing down and you have to use your memory to make matches. Flip two cards over and if you get a pair/match you can go again, if no match, flip the cards back over and it is the next guests turn.
  • Tin Woodsman’s Wood Chop - Use a tennis ball and tennis ball can. Bounce ball on the ground and try to catch the ball in the tennis ball tin. Very challenging. Once this is mastered your guests can team up and toss the ball to one another and catch it with the tin.
  • Cowardly Lion’s Race - The poor cowardly lion is scared again. Have guests race like lions. Have them on all fours (like bear walk) with straight arms and legs.
  • Wicked Witch Freeze Tag - Don’t let the wicked witch cast her spell on you. Play just like tag. The person who is it is the witch so have them wear a Halloween witches hat. If the witch catches you, you are frozen.
  • Melt the Witch - Have two buckets (one with water and one empty). The guests use a cup and have to fill the cup from the bucket with water and race to the empty bucket and try to fill their bucket first.
  • Wizard of Oz Scavenger hunt - Hide Wizard of Oz items in your yard or party room. Use either stuffed animals or pictures. For example: a stuffed dog (Toto), heart, light bulb, cowardly lion badge, witches hat, ruby red slippers, monkey, etc. Give the guests a paper with the list of items to find and a basket to collect the items. If you use pictures have one picture of each item for each child (e.g., 6 pictures of ruby red slippers).
  • Turning Tornado - Give each guest a hula hoop and see who can hula the longest, or roll the hula hoop and have the guests try to run through.
  • Yellow Brick Road - Divide the guests into two teams. Have large thick yellow paper. The guests can not touch the ground, but have to get to a across Oz. (hint: they all stand on the one paper and place the next paper in front of them, then they move to the next paper and move the first paper again.)
  • Winged Monkey Attack - Have two scarecrows that have been attacked by the winged monkeys. Each team can race to re-stuff the scarecrows.
  • Glinda’s Wand - Decorate Glinda’s wand with ribbons, sparkles, etc.
  • Lollipop kids Tissue Lollis - Make lollipops out of cardboard plates, staples dowel and colored tissue paper. Put the tissue paper on by wrapping a pencil and dipping it into glue.
  • Emerald City Painting - On craft paper draw the outline of a castle with a black felt tip pen. Draw in your details – doors, windows and flags with glitter pens. Paint in the castle with metallic paint (use small brushes for detail).
  • Pin the Ruby Red Slippers on Dorothy - Just like pin the tail on the donkey, but when the guests pin the slippers on they are to say … “there’s no place like home”.
  • Wizard of Oz May I … ask for the wizard to grant some wishes.

Wizard of Oz Party Food

Have all your food and munchies in Munchkin Land. Make a sign saying welcome to Munchkin Land!

  • While in Munchkin Land – have little food
  • Thin crust pizza
  • Little finger sandwiches
  • Fruit and veggie tray – make it look like a rainbow
  • Munchkin Mix – mix the following: goldfish crackers, bugles, cheese nips, and pretzel sticks
  • Witch’s Brew – mix Sprite, Kool-Aid, and lime sherbet

Wizard of Oz Party Favours

  • Toto in a Dorothy’s basket
  • Cowardly Lion Badge
  • Tin man’s heart clock
  • Wizard of Oz stickers
  • Lollipop kids colourful large lollipop
  • Bubbles