Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Party

Happy Unbirthday! Let your imagination go wild when planning your Alice in Wonderland Party. This a great theme for birthday parties and is especially awesome for a half birthday party (Unbirthday party). Always remember that anything is possible in Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

To make homemade Alice in Wonderland Invitations make a Golden Stop Watch out of cardstock paper. Instead of time by hours have years on the stop watch (e.g., 1 year old, 2 years old, etc.). Add on red hour and minute hands pointing to the birthday boy/girl’s age (make with construction paper and glue to the right age). On the backside write your party info:

“Your invited to a very important date! Don't be late!”
“R.R.S.P. to the Queen of Hearts!”

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies and Decorations

Get everything you need for your Alice in Wonderland Birthday in this
Tea Party Pack!

Tea Party Ultimate Birthday Box
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  • Use the color theme red, white and black
  • Set up a large tea table with lots of different chairs and different teapots and cups (you can get different colored child sized chairs at dollar type stores)
  • Make a tunnel to enter party room (you can get a great one at Ikea)
  • Paint butch block paper to look like trees and put the Cheshire cat in it, extra large flowers, flamingos, a picket fence around the tea area, etc.
  • Make a large mirror to walk through. Use cardboard for the mirror frame and cut strips of cellophane for the mirror so you can walk through it
  • Draw rabbit paw prints on the drive with sidewalk chalk leading into your home
  • Spade Mylar balloon
  • Red Heart Mylar balloon
  • White and red roses (put a bucket of red paint and some paint brushes beside them)

Alice in Wonderland Party Games and Activities

  • Croquet Play outside the regular way or you could use umbrellas as the mallet

  • Pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat. Play like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Paint your own tea cup or tea pot (use special paint from your local craft store)

  • Race of the Roses Who can paint their rose red the fastest (use markers and an artificial white rose)

  • Golden Key Scavenger Hunt Hide a number of golden keys for your guests to find them (if the kids are young you could have the kids find a certain color of key, so they can each find a key)

  • Musical Painting Display different pictures for the kids to try to paint on canvas. Do this like musical chairs, when the music stops they need to move to the next painting. When the game is done, you'll have some really unique paintings!

  • Rabbit Race Potato sack race. Try not to be late!
  • Tea Race Use a tea cup, fill it with water and race to the tea pot and whoever fills it first wins

  • Stackable Balance Put stacks of plastic plates of different sizes and bowls in front of all the guests. You call out which piece to stack first and continue to stack dishes in strange orders (if your dishes topple over you are out). Whoever stacks the most wins.

  • Watch the movie Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland Party Food
Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

  • Get different sized glass pitchers with different flavored Kool-aide and label the pitchers with “Drink Me”
  • Two ideas for your Alice in Wonderland Cake:
    • Teapot Cake
    • Topsy Turvy Cake – wobbly fun looking cake
  • Both can be make with shaped cake pans
  • Click Here to see more fun Cake ideas

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

  • In cellophane, wrap a tea cup and saucer filled with candy
  • Alice in Wonderland sticker book

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