Barney Party Ideas

"I Love You. You Love Me. You’re invited to my Barney Party!"

Barney Party Create your Barney invitations to look like a Barney Egg! Fold a piece of purple paper in half and cut out an oval shape, so when opened it makes an egg shape. Use a picture of Barney on the inside and decorate with stickers. Or, use these fun

Barney Party Supplies and Decorations

Decorate with purple balloons, streamers and Barney posters. Create large purple “Dinosaur” footprints, and place them on the floor or leading up to the house.

Barney Birthday Party Games

  • Barney Says (Like Simon Says) Have an adult go first to show how the game is played. Then have the children take turns.

  • Musical Eggs. Make purple egg cut-outs and place them on the ground. Make enough for each guest. Play some music. When the music stops each child must then find an egg to stand on. Start the music again, but this time take away one egg. When the music stops again, the player who did not get to stand on an egg is out. Remove one egg per turn until there is only on player left.

  • Pin the tail

  • Pinata

  • Duck, duck, Goose!

  • Barney Walk. Get some bubble wrap and place it on the ground. Then have the children try and walk across without popping any. Then try different ways like crawling or rolling.

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Barney Birthday Party Food

  • Cupcakes with purple icing
  • Purple eggs shaped cookies
  • Barney cake
  • Purple punch or cool aid
  • Add Purple food coloring to ice cubes to transform any drink into a Barney Beverage!
Dinosaur Cake
Dinosaur Cake

Barney Birthday Party Favours

  • Barney Coloring book and crayons
  • Bubbles
  • Barney Stickers

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