Black Light Party Ideas

"A Black Light Party is definitely one of the most popular themes amongst Teens and Adults!"

Different from a Glow Party, this theme party plays with your senses, is a sexy, relaxing environment and adds to your happy, free willing spirit! These parties are not only fun to decorate for, but the atmosphere takes care of itself!

Party Supplies and Decorations

The setting of your party must be in a dark room with no visible daylight. Block windows, or have the party later at night. Set up your Black Lights and make sure you have just enough to see.

  • Use the color theme with bright neon to go with your black lights
  • Hang Black & White and Neon Posters
  • Hang blank poster board and lets guest decorate with Neon Highlighters
  • Set up a Strob Light
  • Hang Neon Balloons
  • Use Neon Margarita Cups
  • Decorate with fun Black Light Glow String
  • Use Glow Neon Paint
  • Hang Neon beads from the doors
  • You can also use Glow Items like Glow straws and Glow Sticks
  • An American DJ Black 4 FT Blacklight and Fixture is very cool and Perfect for a Black Light Theme Party!

Black Light Costumes and Attire

Wear fun bright Neon colors, or small amounts of white. Be careful of what you wear! For example: you can see underwear through clothing if it is white:)

  • Have a selection of Glow products available for guests like glow jewellery, fun party necklaces, or cool Glow bracelets
  • Use Glow hair die
  • Glow make-up
  • Glow nail polish
  • Glow body art and tattoos

Black Light Party Games and Activities

  • Decorate t-shirts, tank tops and dresses with highlighters or Black Light Neon Paint(e.g., have people draw designs, write sayings, or get phone numbers)
  • Try on the extra glow hats, glow hair die, glow make-up and glow nail polish
  • Dance, play great music or sing karaoke
  • A Piñata of your choice filled with glow items e.g., necklaces, bracelets, etc.
  • Take lots of pictures! They look really cool!
  • Make a video tape the event
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Black Light Theme Party Food

  • Redbull and tonic water (will glow)
  • Munchies like chips and dip, pretzels
  • Pizza
  • Jello Make with tonic water and it should glow
  • Make a Neon Cake. Make a regular cake and die the icing with neon coloring
  • Use neon / black light candles for on your cake if it is a birthday party
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