Glow Party Ideas

"A Glow Party is the coolest party around!"

There is nothing better than a party where the atmosphere is dark, and your attire makes the occasion sexy, yet sophisticated. Nowadays you can get almost everything to glow for your glow in the dark party. Favorites include glow in the dark make-up, club clothing and drink glasses, but there is so much more to this fun, inventive take on the traditional glow stick party.

Glow Party Supplies

  • Creat a Dark room by blocking all outside light
  • Use Black lights (they come in all different sizes to fit all lights)
  • Strobe lights
  • Hang a Disco ball
  • Fog machine
  • Get a Party Bubble Machine
  • Glow in the dark paint (make sure you have permission)
  • Have lots of Glow Sticks
  • Serve drinkd in Glow in the dark glasses
  • Use Glow in the dark straws
  • Glow in the dark balloons and streamers (white and neon would also work)
  • Glow Party light string

Glow Costumes

  • Glow in the dark make-up
  • Glow in the dark nail polish
  • Glow in the dark hair die (or neon) You could so it all (best for extremely short hair), but I would be more subtle and just add highlights (especially if your hair is long)
  • Glow Earrings
  • Glow in the Dark necklaces and bracelets

*** hint – be careful of your underwear (you can see a white bra through your shirt)

Glow Games and Activities

  • Decorate shirts with glow in the dark paint or highlighters (I would use tight tank tops, little skirts, etc. think of what you would wear to a club)
  • Set Up a good Stereo and have a dance party
  • More Fun Party Games

Glow Food

  • Use glow in the dark cups, etc
  • Glow in the dark ice-cubes
  • Glow bowls or use clear containers for your food e.g., two bowls on top of each other with a glow stick in between to light up the food
  • Neon Cake Ideas

Glow In The Dark Party Favors

Any Glow Item would make a great Party Favor to give at the beggining or the end of your Party!

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