Disney Cars Party Ideas

Cars Party Lightning McQueen and his crew pit are excited to join you at your Cars Party. All of your little friends will be so excited to see the new race in the new film that will take place throughout the world (destinations in Japan, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom).

Disney Cars Party Supplies
Disney Cars 2 Party Supplies

  • To make homemade Cars Party Invitations, on cardstock paper cut out the shape of a car. Outline the card with a black marker (to keep it simple). Write something cute like, “Rev up your engines and race on over for ____’s # Cars Birthday Party”. And add some shiny Car stickers.

  • Use the color theme red and blue
  • On your driveway, use sidewalk chalk and draw a road way leading to the front door. Write welcome to Radiator Spring and if you wish draw the buildings (Cozy Cone Motel, Sarge's Surplus and Flo's V-8 Café).
  • Make a large road way out of carpet to place in the middle of the party room
  • Make and hang large road signs throughout the party area
  • Decorate with checker flags
  • If outside, decorate with some old tires
  • Play the Cars Soundtrack to set the mood

  • Cars Party Games and Activities

    • Red Light - Green Light Have one guest yell "Red Light and Green Light! (stop and go) while the other party goers try to get to a certain destination without getting caught moving during a Red Light.

    • Tire Racing Get small hula hoops and spin them on their side to get through a race.

    • World Grand Prix Obstacle Course Have each guest having a car to push through the obstacle course. Go over and under bridges (use a cardboard box), go off roading (through the sand), around curves in the road (cones), and fly to other countries (tip toe through tires holding onto the car).

    • Tire bean bag toss Try to toss bean bags into an old tire

    • Tire swing Hang one from a tree (remember, safety first!)

    • Fly a cars kites

    • Tire Art Use either marbles or cars with different tire tracks. Put a piece of white art paper in a photocopy box lid. Put different colored paint on paper plates. Get paint on the marbles or car tired (drive them through the paint). Then drive the car across the paper, or roll marbles over the paper.

    • Watch the Disney Cars Movie

    • Fun Printable Birthday Games

    • More Kids Party Games

    Disney Cars Birthday Party Food

    Lightning McQueen Cake
    Lightning McQueen

    Shared by Lisa

    Cars Cake

    Shared by Trina

    Mack Cake
    Mack Cake

    By Chrissy Greig

    Race Track Cake
    Race Track Cake

    Cars Theme Party Favors

    • Cars Mini Doodle
    • Cars Punch Balloon
    • Cars Bouncy Ball
    • Cars Disk launcher
    • Race car pencil

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