Race Track Cake Pictures And
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"This was a really fun Race Track Cake for a third birthday!"

Race Track Cake
There are so many car cake designs and I wanted to make a special third birthday cake for my son. He loves cars, so I knew that I needed to make some type of car cake.

Race Track Birthday Cake

Race Track Cake

His favorites are Disney Cars - so there was an option of making a Lighning McQueen cake, but his cousin had this cake before. His other favorite is Roary - so that would be a Roary the Racing Car cake.

Making the base of the Race Track Cake

I decided to make this as simple as possible. I made a number three race track cake. I made both a yellow and a chocolate cake. I made these cakes in a small casserole dish. This made the cakes nice and thick.

Use M&M's to outline your Race Car Track Cake I cut a small bit off one side of the cakes so they would fit perfectly together. I also levelled the cakes so they would be exactly the same height.

I covered the cake with a layer of chocolate icing. I made a pattern of M&Ms around the outside of the cake and around the race track. For the road of the race track I put Oreo cookie crumbs. I used vanilla icing for the grass and dyed it green using the Wilton Leaf Green. For the grass I used Wilton tip #233. I then made the flags and banner with paper, marker and tooth picks. I finished off the cake by placing three new cars on the track.

Racing Track Cake

This third birthday cake was very special for my son. He just adored his race car cake!

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