Curious George Party Ideas

Curious George Party Your Curious George Party will be playful, delightful and fun with this Curious George Birthday Party Guide! What a lovable, curious character … Curious George is just like so many adorable children and he would be the best character to host a party around. Have a fantastic time monkeying around at your Curious George Birthday Party!

Curious George Party Supplies

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Party Pack!

Curious George Deluxe Birthday Box
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  • To make home-made Curious George Invitations, cut out a monkey head (use a couple different shades of construction paper to create an overlapped monkey face). Write something cute like
    “Come monkey around with ____ and his/her Curious George Party!

  • Curious George table cover
  • Curious George centerpiece
  • Curious George birthday banner
  • Curious George wall decorations
  • Curious George Mylar balloons
  • Curious George blowers
  • Curious George monkey mask or Curious George party hat
  • Use the Color Theme yellow, red and blue
  • Have a Large yellow hat
  • Large cut out of Curious George
  • Display Curious George toys and stuffed animals
  • Set up Large palm trees, bananas, make a Jungle scene (if you can’t get large cut outs for your wall, draw /paint them on large white butcher block paper. If you have a hard time drawing the image rent an over head projector and trace the image).
  • Use long bands of yellow material to decorate doors, windows, around the ceiling of your party room or outside tent

Curious George Party Games and Activities

Monkey Pinata
  • Face Painting Hire a face painter to decorate the guests into their favorite animal

  • Paper Bag Monkey Easy simple craft. You need paper bags, pre-cut ears, face, nose, eyes, and tail. Let the guests glue the pieces in the right area.

  • Make a kite Let the guests make a kite. Need large paper, string (for the tail), and markers to color.

  • Fly a kite Hint – get a large scale kite and make sure it has a long heavy tail – it will fly better.

  • Curious Who Play a game of animal charades (pre-make cards with animal pictures)

  • Monkey See Monkey Do Play like Simon Says

  • Hot Banana Play like hot potato

  • Pin the Tail on the Monkey or Pin the Hat on the Man with the Yellow Hat

  • Musical Chairs Play with the music from the Curious George Soundtrack

  • Monkey in the Middle Have guests form a circle and put one of the monkeys in the middle – toss a ball and the monkey will try to catch it away from the people in the circle. If they get the ball the person that was supposed to catch the ball will become the monkey in the middle.

  • Blow Bubbles

  • Monkey Makeover Get large sheets of painting paper from a large store (e.g., Ikea) and let the guests go crazy painting. Remember in the movie how George paints on the wall of Ms. Plushbottom’s and how great it looks. If you are really brave you could let them do one wall in your playroom. What a great memory piece from your child’s birthday.

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Curious George Books

  • Curious George
  • Curious George Takes a Job
  • Curious George Rides a Bike
  • Curious George Gets a Medal
  • Curious George Flies a Kite
  • Curious George Learns the Alphabet
  • Curious George Goes to the Hospital
  • Curious George Visits the Library
  • + so many more New Adventures

Curious George Movies

  • Curious George – The Movie
  • Curious George 2 – Follow that Monkey
  • Curious George Makes New Friends
  • Curious George – A Very Monkey Christmas

Curious George Party Food

  • Banana punch (or your child’s favorite flavour)
  • Banana split! Set up a table filled with different flavored ice-cream, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, gummies, sprinkles, hot fudge, etc.
  • Curious George Cake. Use a monkey cake pan and decorate it to look like Curious George
  • Curious George Cupcakes. Make a tier filled with cupcakes – make them in Curious George cups and get Curious George toppers
  • See more cake ideas or add your own here!

Monkey Cake

Curious George Party Favors

Curious George Favor Set
  • Kite
  • Stuffed monkey
  • Barrel of monkeys
  • Safari hat or yellow hat
  • Curious George stickers and tattoos
  • Bubbles

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