Curling Party Ideas

Curling Party Ideas

You’re going to bring down the house by dropping the hammer with these curling party ideas at your own bonspiel! Draw up some plans, skip into action and hurry as you get ready for delivery of this nail biter! Get your rocks polished there's going to be a curling party in your house.

Curling Party Decoration Ideas
Curling Party Ideas

With a curling party keep the decorating on the sophisticated side.

  • String up real ribbon from the ceiling and around serving tables. Go for a thick 1.5 to 2 inch ribbon with piping in the sides to create your shapes and depth.
  • On your tables place table runs to mimic the curling lanes or "House".
  • For a centerpiece, it would look fantastic if you could borrow a couple of the granite rocks in different sizes (from the little rockets kids size to adult size). If this is not possible you can create the same look out of Styrofoam. Cut it with a bread knife and then spray paint them.
  • Have a lot of crystal for serving dishes and martini glasses for treats, dessert, candles, etc. Make all the glasses and candle holders different heights.
  • Have some random antique looking brooms around.
  • Set up a chess board for the look as curling is known as chess on ice.
  • Lower the lights and let the party begin!

Curling Party Games and
Curling Party Activities
Curling Birthday Party Ideas

  • Air Hockey Curling- Set up a regular air hockey table and place red and blue tape to mark out the curling lines. Your guests will be surprised how challenging this is with the upward air.

  • Go Curling- Many curling clubs will let you rent the facility and some offer a teacher to help teach your guests the proper way to curl. This is a great idea if you are also trying to get some friends to join your league. Curling is the best low impact sport.

  • 8 Stones - Go on a scavenger hunt to find 8 rocks, 2 fibreglass curling brushes, and 1 pair of gloves. If you wish, leave clues to were the guests can find the objects.

  • Wii and Video Game Competition- Have a round robin of a specific sport or game. There are a couple of curling games on the market or check out a multi pack sports game. These have quick games with a score to see who will continue in the rounds.

Curling Party Food

  • Have a cheese and grapes on a granite slab.
  • Have a wide range of appetizers and possibly a main course. Check out local restaurants many now have take out and at home re-place the food into your own dishes. Or serve your favourites.
  • Curling Drinks - the bar is open. Have a range from the traditional beers and wines to the extravagant mixed drinks (especially ones that look like the rink).

Curling Party Favours
Curling Party Ideas

Get a new curling t-shirt for all the guests. Try and get all different shirts (There is a great selection through Amazon!). Try to pick a size and style that will complement each guest. Roll the shirts and tie with blue, red and white ribbon.

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