Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur Party This is going to be a ‘dino’mite Dinosaur Party. What boy does not love dinosaurs and using their imaginations? A dinosaur birthday party will excite all their imaginations and possibly increase their love towards their future aspiration of becoming a palaeontologist.

Dinosaur Party Supplies and Decorations

Dinosaur Adventure Ultimate Box

  • Make your own Dinosaur party invitations by creating an egg card and write:

    "Come to a prehistoric bash and
    Party with the Dinosaurs!"

    On the inside paste a picture of a dinosaur with the birthday information. You can use all different dinosaurs and on the other side of the card you can write out some information about the particular type of dinosaur.

  • Use the colour theme greens, browns and blue
  • Hang twinkle lights in the sky that will look like stars and fireflies
  • Hand blue cellophane along the ceiling to make the sky
  • Twist brown butcher block paper to create tree trunks and branches (3D coming out of your wall) and use construction paper (with tissue paper and glitter glue) to create branches. You can also add some real large potted trees.
  • Hang some large cut out dinosaurs
  • Use a large appliance box and paint to look like a cave (put a grey towel/blanket and pillows inside for comfort
  • Have binoculars and hats for the guests

Dinosaur Party Games
and Dinosaur Birthday Party Activities

  • Dino Dig Search and sift through the sand (use a sandbox or plastic pool) for dinosaur bones – use sifters, and brushes to brush off the dirt. Also have magnifying glasses to look at the found bones.

  • Volcanic eruption Make a volcano and have it explode! Use baking soda and vinegar (Supervision Required!)

  • Egg Excitement Play a relay race. 2 plus players per team. Run with a dino egg (water balloon) on a spoon (don’t drop it or start again), first team to get e.g. 4 eggs (water balloons) over wins the race.

  • Dino Foot Race Pretend you are a dinosaur and have to race to safety. Have the racers wear dinosaur feet (you can buy there with strings for the handles or wear water flip flops).

  • Hop Scotch Play with large dinosaur feet. Pre-cut the feet and spray paint them to look like dinosaur feet (use brown and grey). Toss a rock to see wear to hop to.

  • Rock Painting Find some local rocks and guests can paint them as a take home activity.

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Dinosaur Theme Party Food

  • Display food in green glass bowls and have artificial veins wrapping around the bowls
  • Fruit punch
  • Volcanic eruption chilly
  • Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and French fries
  • ‘Dino’ hotdogs
  • Dino-burgers
  • Chocolate pudding and gummy worms
  • Dinosaur shaped cake (use a flat rectangular cake pan and cut out the shape of a dinosaur – where you cut off can add on to make the neck and head)
Dinosaur Cake
Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors

  • Put party favours in plastic Easter eggs. Spray paint them to look like dinosaur eggs (speckle them). Then you can use clear plastic loot bags.
  • Plastic dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Dinosaur book
  • Dinosaur tooth necklace

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