Earth Hour Activities

Are you looking for some fun Earth Hour Activities while the lights are out from one hour? Earth hour always amazes me. It seems so funny that for one hour a year we are to conserve our electricity and turn off our lights. Well, earth hour can be extended into an hour once a month, or one hour a week or how about one hour a night.

If you are like so many it is so difficult to live without the conveniences of electricity for an hour. I’m sure we have all had the incconvenience of loosing the electricity, but if you do a little planning this can be a really fun hour.

Earth Hour Activities

  1. Candle light - candle light is soothing and romantic. For kids it is a source of fun and excitement at a birthday party. Light one candle for everyone and place them into cupcakes. Before blowing out your candle:
    • make a wish
    • say what you are greatful for
    • say an idea about how you can help our environment, then you get to eat your cupcake… yummy!

  2. Shadow Puppets - Get out a strong flashlight and a white sheet. Hang the sheet so the audience will sit on one side and the performers will be on the other. Have one person hold the flashlight and point it at the screen. The performer is to make hand puppet shadows between the sheet and the flashlight.

  3. Play Music -Nothing more fantastic than playing music whether acoustic guitars or piano. Make your own shakers with cups and rice. Have a great old fashion sing song with all your friends and family’s favourite songs.

  4. Outdoor Activity -Go for a walk or watch the sunset. The fresh air and an outdoor activity will clear your mind and help you sleep better.

  5. Board Game Night -Enjoy a new board game / card game with family and friends. This could be a new game or an old classic.

  6. Scary Stories -Get a flashlight and shine it under your chin when you tell scary stories.

  7. Flashlight tag -This is really fun with young children or with pets. Have them chase the light from a flashlight. Just make sure no one runs into anything or each other.

  8. Glow Bracelets and Glow Bubbles -Wear glow bracelets and blow glow in the dark bubbles.

  9. Make a Earth Craft - make an Earth out of a paper plate and markers, glitter glue, etc. for younger children - make a paper machete Earth with a glue paste, paper strips, balloon and paint for older children.

  10. What’s the Colour? -Play a game of I spy with flashlights. If playing with younger kids, they can all wear different color shirts. Ask a question like, “What color is a strawberry?” and they shine the flash light on the person wearing the red shirt. Just make sure not to shine the flashlights in anyone’s eyes.

  11. Reading by Candlelight -Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a good book. Take the hour to get lost in a great story.

  12. Romantic Evening -Enjoy a glass of wine with a loved one. Talk and cuddle in front of a fire and candle light.

Earth Hour Cake Idea

Enjoy your Earth hour. Remember it does not have to be only once a year. Take pleasure in Earth hour as often as possible.