Glow Dance Party

by Purple Princess

Glow Dance Party Snacks and Drinks: pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, French fries, chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs. I’m also hoping to get a chocolate fountain with a platter of fruit especially strawberries mmmmmmm.......chocolate covered strawberries my fav!!!

Glow Dance Party Games: We will have games for kids who don't want to dance so everyone is happy like scrabble, jewellery making station, highlighter decorating game, twister and a deck of cards for their card game of choice. Then later on the whole party will play games like hot potato and truth or dare the only thing different about the hot potato game is that its a ball with glow sticks around it so that it glows then when the music stops whoever has the ball is out!!!! Then we might play some other fun games along the way.

I was hoping to have one of my friends sing a girl song in front of everyone what a great laugh and the snack host will act dumb so when people get there snacks everyone can get a good laugh then we could even do rap battles like have 2 people go head to head and make up a rap then whatever one sounded better and was funny wins maybe a mountain dew could be their prize. Also for more decor have Christmas lights maybe or strobe lights, black-lights or a disco ball.

Well, I hope I helped you out! Have a great Glow Dance party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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