Human Knot

Ages: 13 and older

Objective: Make a Human Knot by having all the players stand in a circle and put their arms out and grab the hands in front of them. Now try and untangle to make a circle again!

Players: 5 or more

Materials: team work

Rules: This is a great icebreaker or team building game for any age. On a large grassed area, or play area have all the players stand in a circle. Have all the players close their eyes (optional)and put their arms out in front of them. Have players then walk forward and grab the hands of another player in the circle. Once everyone has a hold of a hand in each of theirs, players may then open their eyes. Players must then work together and try to untangle themselves. This may require some awkward moves and sometimes invasion of personal space, however it can be quite comical and a lot of fun! When the knot is untangled the game is over!