Incredibles Party Ideas

Incredibles Party Come help save the world by becoming a superhero with these Incredibles Party Ideas. Each guest can come dressed as a super hero or their favorite Incredible character, and have their own super powers! Your little Incredible son or daughter will love to show off their talents at their very own Incredible birthday party!

Incredibles Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Use the colour theme red, black and yellow
  • Hang lots of streamers and balloons
  • Hang an Incredibles Birthday banner
  • Hang superhero posters
  • Hang signs that say POW, BAM etc. like comic books

The Incredibles Party Games
and Activities

  • Incredible Obstacle Course Determine strength and ability in this Superhero training course. Run through pylons maze, jump rope, hula hoop, hop wearing a potato sack. Each time the contestant makes it through the obstacle course give them a sticker (3 stickers and they become a superhero).

  • Dash’s Delight Play a relay race. 2 plus players per team. Run with a small water balloon on a spoon (don’t drop it or start again), first team to get e.g. 4 water balloons over wins the race.

  • Violet’s Victory Design a superhero logo using paint. Hang them / or wear them if a t-shirt.

  • Pin the I Like pin the tail on the donkey. Pin the I (Incredible symbol) on the superhero of your choice

  • Pop the Villain’s Power Blow up two balloons for each person and tie a balloon to each player’s foot. Player should wear shoes for safety. Once the game starts players must then try to stomp on other players balloons without popping their own. Once a player’s balloons are popped they're out. Last one with a balloon still attached and inflated wins!

  • Race Against Time Have all of the guests leave the room. One person stays in the room and hides and sets a small timer (like an egg timer). Once set, have all the other guests come back in and try to find the timer before it goes off. Whoever finds the timer wins and gets to hide it the second time around. If the timer goes off before anyone finds it, the person who hid it gets the prize. Another fun way to play is in a dark room using flashlights.

  • Mr. Freeze tag

  • Watch the movie of the Incredibles.

  • Fun Printable Birthday Games

Incredibles Birthday Party Food

  • Super Slushies
  • Make your own hero sandwich or pizza
  • Chips
  • Soda
  • Cake with a superhero logo on it (either your design / child’s name initial or the incredible symbol)

Incredibles Theme Party Favors

  • Comic book
  • Superhero mask
  • Superhero ring
  • Coloring Book with crayons

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