July 4th Cake

July 4th Cake

July 4th Cake

This is a fantastic cake for the patriotic at heart. This year for Independence Day, I made a star cake with the flag symbolism for the design. Although it looks great it was a bit of a challenge to get all the lines straight, so I thought I would share some of what I learned while making this patriotic cake.

I use a star shaped cake pan and baked a regular yellow cake. I let the cake cool for about 10 minutes and then I placed it onto a cooling rack. Once the cake was cooled I placed it into my fridge for a couple of hours, making it really cold. Then, I brushed off any loose crumbs, flipped the cake over (face down) and cut the bottom / top so the cake is nice and level. I placed the cake onto a star shaped serving bottom and re-brushed the cake. Now I was ready to ice the July 4th cake.

Icing The July 4th Cake
First, I iced the sides with white vanilla icing. I piped the icing on the cake and then with a spatula I smoothed the icing. This way it looked nice and had a uniform look to the icing consistency. The top was the tricky part. The whole top of the cake was iced using the star tip #16. I started with the blue color. My hint was to line up the cake so I was always making a straight line towards me.

If I were to make this cake again I would probably make a straight line with a #3 tip and then follow with the stars. So, I first lined with the blue stars (royal blue dye) and then I filled in all the blue triangles. Next, I rotated with the red and white stripes. I made lines of the stars, so they would be the same width. I made 3 rows of red (mixed red and burgundy dye) and then three rows of white and continued this pattern. Finally I used a large star (#47) to make the white stars on the top of the blue.

I was impressed with how this cake turned out. It was a fantastic way to combine a patriotic cake, with a flag cake, and a star cake. What a great way to celebrate with this creation of an American cake for our July 4th party!

Star Cake Pan

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