Jungle Birthday Party Ideas

Jungle Party
For a roaring successful party host a Jungle Birthday Party. Join all you jungle friends for an exciting deep in the jungle fun filled adventure. Remember to wear your explorer hat as this safari begins.

Jungle Party Supplies and
Jungle Party Decorations

Jungle Party Ultimate Box
- $ 125.99
Our Jungle Party Ultimate Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Jungle Party decorations, birthday candles, and fun items for your guests.

  • To make your own Jungle Birthday Party Invitations use animal print paper and cut out your favourite animal. Paste this onto construction paper or card stock paper to add some strength.

    "The King of the Jungle has invited you to celebrate
    "You're Child's" birthday"

  • Use the colour theme greens, brown, blue
  • Hang rope vines with large construction paper leaves
  • Hang snakes from your ceiling
  • Put up lots of balloons
  • Jungle birthday banner

Jungle Birthday Party Games and Activities

Lion Pinata
  • Visit a local zoo, animal reserve or safari place
  • Make a paper animal mask
  • Monkey on the Bed Jump on a trampoline and make sure today no monkeys fall off!
  • Tarzan Says Like Simon Says
  • Jungle Tag
  • Jungle Charades Have pictures of different jungle animals. Have a player pick a card and act the animal on the card while others try and guess the animal
  • Monkey, Monkey, Lion! Play like duck, duck, gooseTiger Bingo Like regular bingo. Make the cards using jungle animal stickers and use peanuts in the shells as your markers (make sure there are no allergies!)
  • Snake race Slither like a snake (be careful of grass stains)
  • Elephant Ears Play like the Broken telephone game
  • Banana Slip & Slide Yellow tarp with water and soap make a great slip and slide
  • Hippo Splash Go swimming (have other parents there to help supervise their own children around water activities)
  • Ostrich Egg Pass back and forth water balloons, each time you are successful back up a step
  • Lion Taming Set up an obstacle course
  • Watch The Jungle Book (Disney movie)
  • Fun Printable Games
  • More Fun Party Games

Jungle Party Food

  • Peanut butter and banana sandwiches (make sure there are no allergies)
  • Jelly worms
  • Rainforest fruit tray
  • Cupcakes or animal shaped cake (on cupcakes you could to with plastic jungle animals and insects)
Jungle Cake
Jungle Cake

Shared by Kathy

Jungle Theme Party Favors

Animal Party Deluxe Favor Set
  • Animal crackers
  • Wild animal blowers
  • Binoculars
  • Jungle themed stickers
  • Small stuffed animal

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