Magic Party Ideas

Magic Party Hocus Pocus! This Magic Party is the mostest! What fun … the combination of magic, intrigue, and the unknown. This party will be memorable because the guests will see some Presto chango surprises that they have never seen before. Have fun planning and hosting your Magic Birthday Party.

Magic Party Invitations

Make your own by making top hats with cardstock. Make the top hats into pockets. Coming out the top hat will be the invitation, cute if it looked like a white bunny (write on the computer or on a recipe card). Write a cute saying like,

“With a tip of the hat … there will be magic and dreams come true at ___’s birthday party”.

On the back side write all the important magical birthday information (time, place, RRSP, etc.) Attach a homemade thank you note onto the loot bag. Say something cute like,

“Hocus Pocus thanks for making this party the mostest!”

Magic Party Supplies and Decorations

  • Magic Birthday Decorations
  • Use the colour theme blue, purple and silver
  • Hang stars streamers
  • Hang stars from the ceiling. Make them with cardstock paper or cardboard. Spray with spray paint, and add glitter line around the outside

Magic Birthday Party Games and Activities

Twisty Balloon Kit
  • Get a magician hat for all the guests and have them decorate them with sticker jewels
  • Have a magician come to your home to perform
  • Give all the guests magic wands and teach them how to say some magic words (e.g., abracadabra, alakazam, lit flit, latt flight, shazam, sim sala bim, etc.)
  • Perform some card tricks
  • Watch a magical movie. Look at the age of the guests. Harry Potter, Fantasia, etc.
  • Fun Printable Party Games
  • More Kids Party Games

Magic Birthday Party Food

  • Use Plastic Top Hats to hold snack foods
  • Make a Magic Birthday Cake. Make a top hat and have bunny ears coming out the top
  • Magic Cupcakes decorated with stars
  • More Fun Cake Ideas

Magic Theme Party Favors

  • Trick cards
  • Top Hat
  • Magic Wand
  • Magic Tricks

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