Max and Ruby Party Ideas

Max and Ruby Party

It's Max and Ruby Party Time! Rosemary Wells has created the most delightful tales of Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby are respectful, fun loving siblings which will bring a great atmosphere to your Max and Ruby Birthday Party. Your rambunctious, goal orientated child will be overjoyed to share their Max and Ruby birthday with all their friends.

Max and Ruby Invitations

To make homemade Max and Ruby Party Invitations, dress up your child to look like Max and/ or Ruby (with bunny ears of course) and take their picture. Place their picture on the invitations. Use pre-made cardstock cards and decorate them with Max and Ruby stickers on the inside around your party information. It would be cute to add sayings from Max and Ruby e.g., RRSP our Bunny Scout Leader!

Max and Ruby Party Games and Max and Ruby Birthday Activities

  • When guests are arriving have Max and Ruby books, puzzles and coloring sheets available

  • Ruby’s Hula Hop have a variety of sizes and colors of hula hoops teach the kids how to hula hoop, how skip with a hula hoop, etc.

  • Ruby’s Tea Party set up a tea party and have extra seats for all your stuffed animal friends

  • Ruby’s Jewellery Box get nice sized boxes for your jewellery boxes and decorate jewellery boxes. Decorate the boxes with glitter glue, and sticker sequences.

  • Ruby’s Beauty Shop have a make over center :hair area, make-up, and dress up clothes (make sure you have dresses, high heels, and tiars)

  • Louise’s Secret play a game of broken telephone this is a nice quiet game that will create lots of giggles

  • Ruby’s Merit Badge Ruby is always working towards a Bunny Scout Merit Badge, so you can either hand these out throughout the party as rewards or you can say that Ruby is working towards a merit badge and help achieve a goal together (e.g., knot tying, creating a nature reserve for the birds, etc.)

  • Ruby’s Magic Act have a magician come and show some tricks and then teach some of your guests a couple of tricks

  • Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance have a dance with some fun music and also play musical chairs

  • Ruby’s Gingerbread House make a gingerbread house that your guests can take home with them. Use Graham Waffers, Royal Icing (will dry very hard), your choice of candy, and place the houses onto paper plates)

  • Max, Max, Ruby! play like duck, duck, goose

  • Max’s Balloons hire a balloon artist and have them create balloon animals for the kids

  • Max’s Machines have all sorts of trucks, planes, spaceships available to play with

  • Max’s Rocket Run have a large cardboard box (appliance box would be fantastic) and decorate the rocket.

  • Max’s Rabbit Racer make a car race using tricycles, cars, and tractors

  • Max’s Chocolate Chicken hide plastic Easter eggs and one chocolate chicken. This will be a fun scavenger hunt (great both indoors and outdoors)

  • Max’s Shadow play with flashlights creating shadow puppets

  • Bunny Hop Race set up a potato sack race

  • Bunny HopScotch either set this up outside (use sidewalk chalk) or inside using the new game from Milton Bradly called Twister Hopscotch. This game is really neat, you set up many different design for the hopscotch.

  • Watch a Max & Ruby DVD. Party Time with Max & Ruby would be great for your party!

  • Play some fun Printable Party Games
  • More Great Kids Party Games

Max and Ruby Party Food

Set up Ruby’s Lemonade Stand:

  • Ruby Strawberry Punch
  • Lemonade
  • A variety of candy from Ruby’s Candy Store
  • Bug Salad (green leaf salad with raspberries and ladybug candies)
  • Sandwiches shaped like bunnies
  • Carrots
  • Berry mixture
  • Bunny Scout Brownies
  • Max’s Candy apples
  • Max and Rub Cake Ideas:
  • Max’s Worm Cake – use a Wilton Barbie dress cake mould, chocolate icing, ground up chocolate wafers and top off with gummy worms and red candies
  • Ruby’s Angel Surprise Cake with Raspberry fluff icing topped with heart and star sprinkles

  • Max and Ruby Party Favors

    • Max and Ruby Tote Bag
    • Chocolate chicken
    • Max and Ruby coloring book
    • Max and Ruby stickers
    • Max and Ruby stuffed animals (Ty beanie brand is very cute)
    • Max and Ruby DVD or book

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