Princess and the Frog Party Ideas

Princess and the Frog Party
A Princess and the Frog Party is definitely a new favorite amongst all kids and is Perfect for your kids next birthday! Disney always comes up with the most magical fairy tale stories, which make perfect themes for birthday parties!

This version of The Princess and the Frog story takes place in New Orleans, where Prince Neveen is turned into a frog by the evil Facilier. Tiana is mistaken to be a princess and is turned into a frog herself. This mixed up new age, musical, love story is a great theme party for all girls.

Princess and the Frog Party Supplies and Decorations

Princess and the Frog Ultimate Birthday Box

  • Use the colour theme pink, purple, light green, and silver
  • Create the scene of New Orleans or the Swamp Bayou
  • Hang lots of streamers and Balloons
  • Frog and Tiara centerpiece
  • Light purple tablecloth
  • Light pink forks
  • Set us a Small Disco Ball (add some glitter and sparkle to the party room)

Princess and the Frog Invitations

  • A fun invitation would be to give all the guests a tiara. On the tiara attach a tag made out of green card stock. On this tag either write or use a computer sticker tag to add all the birthday party information (who, where, when, etc.). Around this information attach stickers of Princess Tiana and stickers of the frog (Prince Naveen).

Princess and the Frog Party Games and Activities

  • Tiana’s Tiaras When the guests arrive, for party hats have them decorate tiaras. You can get tiaras that are made out of the foam craft material. Use letters (for their names), sticker and sticky foam jewels to decorate the tiara. These tiaras come pre-cut to make them easy to assemble

  • Prince Naveen’s Musical Parade Make and play musical instruments. In the background also play jazz music. Make musical instruments using empty tissue boxes (guitar), coffee tin (drum), small chip tin (maraca), etc. paint the outsides and add glitter to the wet paint.

  • Follow Facilier Either play follow the leader or Simon says

  • Louis the Alligator and Ray the Firefly Sugar Cookies Make, decorate, and eat sugar cookies

  • Mama Odie’s Necklaces Create some of mama’s necklaces (use small tins with lots of assorted coloured beads)
  • Mama’s Mardi gras Masks Very fun and easy to make (check out your local dollar type store for feathers, jewels, etc.

  • Princess, Princess, Princess Frog Play just like duck, duck, goose

  • Pin the Kiss on the Frog Play like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Musical Lilypads Pretend you are down in the swamp and hop like frogs for this version of musical chairs (go to a local carpet store and see if you can borrow carpet samples for the lilypads)

  • Fun Printable Birthday Party Games

  • More Fun Kids Party Games

  • Watch the Princess and the Frog Movie Just out on DVD! Make popcorn and settle in for a great movie.

Princess and the Frog Birthday Food

Princess and the Frog Cake

  • Facilier’s Evil Potion. Make a green punch (lime aide and ginger ale)
  • Mama Oldie’s Good Potion. Make pink lemonade
  • Alligator and Firefly Sugar Cookies (made above)
  • Diner food (like where Tiana is a waitress) Burgers, fries, etc.
  • Make a Princess Cake
  • Carriage Cake
  • Tiara Cake Shared by Monique

Princess Cake
Princess Cake

Shared by Kathy

Princess and the Frog Party Favors

  • Princess and the Frog loot bag or use a fun sparkle or fur purse
  • Wand
  • Tiara
  • Candy ring
  • Princess pen
  • Princess notepad

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