Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Ages: 5 and older

Objective: A Scavenger Hunt is game where players find a list of hidden objects around the yard.

Players: 4 or more

Materials: list of objects or hidden treasures

Rules: This is fun game to play at any age but, it does take a little organization and planning. It can also be played inside for younger players. Depending on the age of the players choose how difficult the challenges will be. Before the game begins pick objects outside for players to find. This can be done two ways. Either have a check list of items to find and once the player has found it they check it off their list. Or the other way is the players must physically find and take the object with them that are on the list. Have enough of the same object for every player to take with them. Once players have found every item on the list they must make their way back to the judge to see if they are the winner. The first player to find everything wins. For large groups you can divide the player into teams. For theme parties choose items that are theme related.