Disney's Tangled Party Ideas

"The story of a Tangled Party: Once upon a time … "

Or should I say, it takes two in this new age girl power story and movie from Disney. We all remember the story of Rapunzel, but this Disney flick creates an awesome new age heroine that all little girls would love to have at their Rapunzel Birthday Party.

Or should I say, it takes two in this new age girl power story and movie from Disney. We all remember the story of Rapunzel, but this Disney flick creates an awesome new age heroine that all little girls would love to have at their Rapunzel Birthday Party.

Tangled Party Supplies Decorations

  • Use the color theme pink and purple
  • Tangled there party plates
  • Tangled napkins
  • Tangled table cloth
  • Tangled cups
  • Tangled stadium cups
  • Hang a personalized Tangled party banner
  • Hang a Disney Tangled Mylar balloon from the party girls chair
  • Castle Pinata
  • Hang pink and purple streamers
  • Also hang either twinkle lights or Chinese Lanterns - you can also get paper globe decorations that look similar to Chinese lanterns, but are round. These would look fantastic hanging sporadically throughout the room. I would hang them using a clear wire (fishing wire, necklace wire, etc.) and then use a small piece of tape. I think this would look like the festival of lights!
  • On the wall create a Princess in the Tower - Get some large cardboard or something like Bristol board. Color this a girly pink or even better but it pink already. Draw a window with a princess looking out (make sure you draw the long hair drooping out the window). Draw on some random bricks in shades of purple. Make the tower rounded on your wall. Very carefully tape or sticky tack this to your wall. Cut out a half circle in a nice shade of purple and add some shingles. This too make rounded and tape to the wall for the roof. This will look fantastic and will be a great backdrop for a party picture. 

All birthday parties are so very special and a fabulous reminder of those we have loved. Celebrate to honor the party girl just like how the kingdom hangs the lights for the festival to celebrate the birth of Rapunzel at the festival of lights. Your Tangled Birthday Party will be the perfect way to pay tribute to your birthday girl.

Tangled Party Invitations

To make Homemade Tangled Invitations, dress your party girl up in a princess dress and a long blond wig and take her picture. On your computer add the caption:

“Escape from your tower and come celebrate (Child’s Name’s) Festival of Lights”.

On the backside of the photo add the pertinent party information.

Tangled Party Games and Activities

  • When the girls arrive for the party, ask if they would like to wear some of Rapunzel's 70 feet of hair (have blonde long wigs for them to wear for their party hats).
  • Make your own Castle - Pre-cut out the shapes of the castle (e.g., towers, roofs, door, hearts, sun, trees and flowers etc.). This will be a nice easy craft for when the guests arrive. Have on a table green construction paper, small glue bottles, the different shapes, and a container with thin markers, gold and silver tip pen and glitter glue. Princess Sash or headdress - You will need long cardstock paper, single hole punch, glue stick, scissors and thin ribbon. Have strips cut with long pink and purple cardstock type paper. Hole punch about 5 centimetres apart down both sides of the sash. Weave the ribbon in and out of the holes (leave length at the end to tie and twirl with scissors). Cut out pretty shapes from patterned paper (e.g., scrapbook paper), and glue on your designs. Or decoupage with different shapes and shades of tissue paper. Each will look unique and beautiful.

  • Design your own Flynn Wanted Poster - Print the background out on textured thick resume paper quality paper. Leave the center blank. Have a friend dress up and come into the party area. This ‘mysterious’ person is to steal a bag of jewelry. Have the guests make the wanted poster and then when everyone is finished have the ‘mysterious person’ return the jewels. It will be amusing to see the details the wanted posters will show.
  • Make princess cookies - Use princess shapes, carriage, horse, crown, etc. Have lots to decorate with Wilton edible beads, and little pre-made icing.
  • Jewelry Scavenger Hunt  - Give the guests a slip of paper that has pictures of all the items Rapunzel needs to find and return. For example, find a tiara, a necklace, a heart pendent, a pink ring and a purple bracelet.
  • Mother Gothel Freeze Tag - Don’t let Mother Gothel see you out of the castle or she will freeze you.
  • Pass the Tiara - Play like hot potato
  • Pin the hair on Rapunzel - Make your own with a large photo of the party girl (tie her hair back with a large flower clip on the side of her head for the picture). You can have photo enlarged for fairly inexpensively. For the hair use yellow streamers and sticky tack. Try to pin the hair onto the flower.
  • Play musical chairs to the Tangled Sound Track
  • Watch it on DVD!

Tangled Party Food

  • Pink lemonade with frozen raspberries
  • Angle hair pasta with Alfredo sauce
  • Lots of berries - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • Make a tower from sugar cookies and royal icing
  • Make an Enchanted Castle Cake or a Crown Cake or a Coach Cake
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Tangled Party Favors

  • Tangled party blowers
  • Tangled tattoos
  • Tangled stickers
  • Tangled necklace lip gloss
  • Clip on color hair extensions
  • Princess wand