Team Building Games

team building games

Every year or multiple times a year businesses set out to help coworkers team build. These team building games are great for teams of individuals that know each other and for people who are new to the team. They will let you know a little bit about your coworkers' personal side, thinking strategies and agility. Hopefully these bonding moments will make a strong working team and friendships in these bondable moments.

team building games

Every year or multiple times a year businesses set out to help coworkers team build. These team building games are great for teams of individuals that know each other and for people who are new to the team. They will let you know a little bit about your coworkers' personal side, thinking strategies and agility. Hopefully these bonding moments will make a strong working team and friendships in these bondable moments.


Objective: Can you sense each other's Aura? Hold hands with your partner. Close your eyes. Spin five times around. Do you line up the same?
Players: 3 or more couples
Materials: none

Rules: Do you believe you can feel the presence of your partner? One couple at a time have them stand up in the middle of the party room. With arms stretched, have them hold hands. Then have the players close their eyes, let go of their partners hands and each spin around three to five times. You can also play where just one of the players spins around. Players must not speak. Once they have spun around, have them re-stretch their arms and see if their hands line up. Do they? If not, try again or move on to the next player. Which couple has the best sense of each other?


Objective: To line up in order of shoe size
Players: 2 or more groups, each group needs at least 5 players
Materials: Just players

Rules: Have everyone divide into equal groups of at least 5 players. When in the groups people are not allowed to speak. With movements only inform the groups that they need to line up according to shoe size. See which group can line up the quickest. This is a fun fast game of our team building games.

Can You Draw What I See?

Objective: To listen to instructions of things to draw
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Dry erase easel (or a place to post large paper), dry erase markers, eraser, pictures

Rules: Divide into equal groups. Have one person standing facing the easel with everyone else behind them. One person selects a picture and has to describe how to sketch it to the person at the whiteboard. There is a limited time for sketching. You can either have the groups needing to guess what the sketch is (similar to pictionary) or then vote which drawing from each group is the closest to the original.

Deserted Island

Objective: To brainstorm ideas for survival
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Thinking skills

Rules: Form groups of even size. Inform your coworkers that they have just woken up on a deserted island. There is one catch: there is a magic genie that can let the group collect 10 items from their workspace to have on the island. What are the items going to be that will help with your group's survival? Either have your coworkers run around to collect the items (first come first serve) or list the items. After you have to give your reasoning for the items your team has selected.

Find Someone Who Game

Objective: To be the first to meet and fill in your grid with names
Players: Many players
Materials: Grid game photocopy, pen

Rules: With the grid of information in hand everyone sets out to find individuals that meet the criteria. For instance, who drives a red car, who can play an instrument, etc. It’s a great way to meet colleagues with this version of team building games.

Group Timeline

Objective: To observe the fun things that have happened while working together
Players: 2 or more
Materials: Long piece of rope, q cards, clothes pegs, markers

Rules: String up the long rope across a room. Talk about when your company or group was founded and add the date at one end. Near the other end, post up the date of today. One person at a time gets to fill in a q card and explain something that they really liked and when it happened. Fill in the timeline together of happy times while working together in the past and near future to look forward to together. For example, a concert you went to, a great trip, meeting someone special, a birth, a birthday, dropping a child off at college, when a certain restaurant you like opened, etc. You learn about each other and help to have a respectable work life balance.

Hello Amazing People

Objective: To have people feel valued
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Large paper of 11x17, colorful post its, markers

Rules: On your own paper sketch out your name. Add a few things that you like to do outside of work. For instance, yoga, hiking, camping, reading, cooking, etc. Then these papers are posten onto your back. Next you are going to be writing compliments on post-its about your coworkers. Write only one compliment or comment per post-it and keep them anonymous. While walking around the room, place the post-it notes on the backs of the corresponding people. Keep it simple, for instance, I like how you bring in treats, you are a great friend, your outfits are always put together so nicely, you always go the distance on projects, you are great with clients, etc. When the activity is completed they may see that small things they do are appreciated. If you wish you could share some and this may encourage others to try similar actions in the future.

Human Knot

Objective: Make a human knot by having all the players stand in a circle and put their arms out and grab the hands in front of them. Now try and untangle it to make a circle again.
Players: 5 or more
Materials: None

Rules: This is a great icebreaker or team building game for any age. In a large open area, have all the players stand in a circle. Have all the players close their eyes and put their arms out in front of them. Have players then walk forward and grab the hands of another player in the circle. Once everyone has a hold of a hand in each of theirs, players may then open their eyes. Players must then work together and try to untangle themselves. This may require some awkward moves and invasion of personal space, however it can be quite comical and a lot of fun. When the knot is untangled the game is over.

Lost And Found

Objective: Lost and found is a game where teams verbally help a blindfolded member to try to find scattered objects.
Players: 4 or more
Materials: Blindfolds, various toys or objects

Rules: Blindfold one member of each team. Scatter the objects evenly on the playing field. State one of the items to find. Announce other players to begin giving verbal instructions to help their blindfolded teammate. Once the player finds the correct object they must bring it back to their team. The next member will then wear the blindfold, spin three times and try to retrieve the next item called. First team to retrieve all the objects wins this version of team building games.

Small Group Scavenger Hunt

Objective: To work as a team to try to find or perform different tasks
Players: 6 or more
Materials: Anything necessary to perform the specific scavenger hunt

Rules: Form small groups and set out together to complete the scavenger hunt. In a work environment, I have participated in numerous scavenger hunts. A fun idea, especially if you have new staff members, is to find different areas in your work environment and take a silly picture of your group in that area. At the end of the hunt you need to send in your pictures as proof of completion. As a staff then you can see some staff in different areas. Another fun one is to have to perform different tasks in different areas. Possibly follow clues to find the tasks and the tasks can be minute to win it games. A third idea is to follow clues to find letters. With the scrambled letters you need to solve a phrase. Remember if you do a scavenger hunt make it fun, have all staff feeling included and have a prize at the end. We have many different ideas on our scavenger hunt page as well.

The Web We Weave Together

Objective: To see how we need to support each other because our lives intertwine
Players: 6 or more
Materials: Chairs and a large ball of wool

Rules: Everyone sits in a circle. The first person is holding the ball of wool. This person is going to answer. Then keep holding the end of the wool, pass the ball of wool to anyone else who is sitting in the circle. This keeps going on and on creating a spiderweb. Some questions that people could answer: what is something they are proud of personally or professionally, what is something people don’t know about themselves, favorite food, favorite movie, dream place to travel, etc.

Three Truths and a Lie

Objective: To learn more about coworkers or teammates
Players: 3 or more
Materials: Somewhere to write the 3 truths and a lie (could be done digitally or on paper), if completed on paper then a basket to pull out random responses

Rules: Privately write out 3 truths and a lie about yourself. You can write these in any order. Do not put your name on your page. Then gather everyone’s responses. When all grouped together read a person’s 3 truths and a lie responses. Then the crowd needs to guess who wrote out these ideas and then figure out which responses are true and which one is false. This is amusing because you are able to learn things about others that you may never have realized otherwise. I also like that people are only sharing what they have that others will know about themselves.

Who am I? - Team Building Games

Objective: To try to guess a different profession
Players: 4 or more
Materials: List of different professions, animals, or famous people

Rules: Post a picture on the backs of the people. You are only able to answer yes or no to people’s questions. You must ask a series of questions to figure out who you are. Rotate asking questions only asking one at a time. Who will figure out who they are first?

Places you could go to team build…

  • Spa
  • Escape room
  • Golfing
  • Ax throwing
  • Curling
  • Hiking