Tiki Party Ideas

Tiki Party Who doesn’t love a nice warm vacation? Don’t have time or the money? Host your own Tiki Party and bring the South Pacific to you and your friends! The wooden carvings, inflatable palm trees and a tropical tiki bar are the perfect backdrops for a fun, delightful Tiki Theme Party.

Tiki Party Supplies

  • Use the colour theme citrus green, hot magenta, brown, purple and sun kissed orange
  • Hang Margarita party lights or Paper lanterns
  • Use a natural tissue table skirt
  • For drinks, use fun coconut cups
  • Don't forget some fun cocktail umbrellas
  • Set up a Tiki hut for your Tiki Bar!
  • Decorate with some Tiki torch candles
  • Inflatable palm tree

Tiki Party Games and Activities

Luau Party Games Pack
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Looking for fun Hawaiian Luau party ideas? Our printable Hawaiian Luau Party Games Pack is the perfect cocktail of frothy, beach-themed fun. Luau games include Moo-Luau Mad Libs, Lei It On Me Ice-Breaker, Luau Printable Paper Dolls, Beach Party Theme gift exchange game, Luau Newlywed Game, Survival of the Fittest, Pin the Parrot on the Pirate, Fast Food Trivia, Hawaii Five-O Trivia and much more.

  • Teach and learn a hula dance
  • Water balloon toss game
  • Pass the coconut – like hot potato
  • Do the Limbo! This will be both fun and funny to watch!
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Tiki Party Crafts

Tissue Paper Bouquet of Flowers

  • Fold a larger piece of tissue paper many times to make a square shape
  • Draw a heart shape on the tissue paper and cut it out (making many colourful petals)
  • Use a pipe cleaner for the stem – poke it through the point end of the heart shaped tissue paper. Take another heart and rotate it a little and poke it through, until you have used all the hearts.
  • Fold the end of the pipe cleaner so the hearts will not fall off
  • Fold up the heart petals and wrap the pipe cleaner with a small piece of clear tape
  • Cut green tissue paper into a heart (for a leaf) – make two hearts
  • Glue it onto a piece of pipe cleaner (put pipe cleaner in between the two hearts)
  • Wrap the leaf pipe cleaner around the stem pipe cleaner to finish off the flower
  • Repeat as many times for the number of desired flowers

  • Sand Art
  • Use a thicker paper, glue, and colored sand (you can either buy this or make it with food coloring)
  • Draw a design lightly with pencil
  • Cover the design with glue
  • Cover the glue with the sand color of choice

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    Tiki Bar Party Drinks

    At your Tiki Bar Party you definitely need the traditional Tiki bar drinks (also known as Boat Drinks, Umbrella Drinks, and ‘Girly’ Drinks). Usually they have Rum, a sweet liquor and fruit juices which are garnished with fruit and Maraschino cherries.

  • Mai Tai
  • Singapore Sling
  • Zombie
  • Margarita
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Mojito
  • Caipirinha
  • Gin Pahit
  • Planter’s Punch

  • Tiki Party Food

    • BBQ chicken (looks great on Kabobs)
    • Pig roast or ham (with pineapple on top and lemon juice)
    • Cheese and grape tray (hint: in the center use the top of a pineapple – top third of the edible party and the green topper)
    • Cut up fruit – serve in an emptied out watermelon (cut opening in a zig zag shape)
    • Veggie tray – serve on a fun tiki tray
    • Beach Cupcakes – have some tops with blue water (use food coloring) and gummy sharks and others with sand tops (use grated graham crackers) and put in a drink umbrella (will look like a sun umbrella on the beach)
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