Transformers Cake

How To Make a Transformers Birthday Cake

More than meets the eye … with this Transformers cake. I kept giggling while making this cake because I kept wondering which way was up. I think that the cake turned out well because my son and his friends were thrilled when they saw it.

Transformers Birthday Cake

Transformers Cake

Lie the cake pan on a piece of  card board
Trace an Oultline
Cut along the line

I used the Wilton Transformers cake pan to create the shape. I used the cardboard and tinfoil trick to create a base for the cake (trace the shape of the cake onto cardboard, cut it out and cover it with tinfoil). And then I still stored it in my large cake holder for in the refrigerator.
Place a piece of tin foil undernieth and cut slits every inch
Fold over the pieces
Tape the pieces in place

I made the cake a chocolate cake because my son loves chocolate cake and the icing is mainly dark colors. I sprayed the cake pan well so when it was cooked it just slipped right out. The cake then cooled on a cooling rack and then I placed it into the refrigerator to make the cake really cool. When it was completely cold I flipped it over (so the top was down) and I cut the bottom off the cake with a serrated edge knife making the cake bottom flat. I flipped the cake back to the right side on my cut out base.
Ready to use
Your Homemade cake tray!
Cut the bottom of the cake to make it flat

Next, I slipped waxed paper under the cake before I iced the cake. I tore small pieces (of wax paper) that were maybe about 2 inches by 4 inches. Then I iced the cake. I used the tips #3, 16 and 47. First, while icing, I iced the outside white with a spatula. The chocolate crumbs were mixed into the icing, but I knew I would clean that up after icing the top of the cake. Never worry, your cake creation will always turn out in the end.
Ready to ice
Putting wax paper undernieth makes for easy clean up!
Transformers Cake

I used the #3 with black icing to line the shapes on the face (I mixed chocolate icing with black dye). Then I used #3 again with Royal Blue dye to create the eyes. After I piped the eye I wetted it down to make it smooth (try water, cornstarch and your finger). After this I used the star tip (#16) for the rest of the face. I used again the black, blue and grey icing (I made these colors with vanilla icing). I had purchased the Transformers Dye kit from Wilton so I had the right dye colors. Finally, I had to fix up the white icing on the sides. I looked at all my tips and decided to use tip #47. With the white icing I made white thick (masculine) strips around the outside that were vertical strips. I was so relieved that it covered so nicely, completely covering the chocolate cake. To finish, I just had to slip out the wax paper from under the cake – this kept the base clean through the icing process.

The boys were thrilled and truly enjoyed their Transformers cake!

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