Transformers Party Ideas

Transformers Party

Transform your party into a futuristic Transformers Party! Kids love the Humanoid-type figures of the Transformers that are able to transform into vehicles, electronic items and weapons. Your guests will be thrilled to be part of your Transformers Birthday Party! Can robots and humans really live peacefully side-by-side? Find out at your party!

Transformers Party Supplies

  • Get everything you need for your Transformers Birthday in this Transformers Perfect Party Pack including some of the following Transformer Decorations:
  • Transformer napkins
  • Transformer plates
  • Transformer cups
  • Transformer table cover
  • Transformer centerpiece

  • For Transformers Invitations, this Transformers Invitation/Thank you Combo is a perfect way to invite and thank your fellow Transformers for coming to your party. They are fantastic and fully colored inside and out.

  • Use the color theme of blue, silver and red
  • Hang a "Welcome to Cybertron" banner
  • Create Allspark out of a large cardboard box (large cube of energy)
  • Hang a Transformer Birthday Banner
  • Have guest wear Transformer Masks
  • Transformer party blowers
  • Transformer Pinata

Animated Transformer Characters:
Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Prowl, Ratchet, Decepticons Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, Lugnut, and human characters Professor Sumdac and Sari Sumdac. Soundwave, Wreck-Gar, Ironhide, Brawn, Rodimus, Oil Slick, Perceptor, Blackout, Strika, Spittor, Cyclonus, Metroplex, Red Alert, Hot Shot, Cliffjumper, Mainframe, Wheeljack, Alpha Trion, Warpath.

Transformers Party Games and Activities

  • Megatron’s Mega-Freeze Before the party, put play figurines into margarine sized containers full of water in the freezer(1 figurine per container). Set the guests up at a picnic table with a cookie sheet, screw driver, hammer, gloves and the frozen figurine (just in the ice – remove the plastic margarine container). Ding a bell and see who can unfreeze the figurine the quickest. Remember * Safety First!

  • Transformer’s Transformation Get 2 square pieces of cardboard per guest. Try using something about the size of a frozen pizza box. Have them select a name for their transformer character. Then with markers draw and create their masterpiece. Use ductape for over the shoulders, therefore they make a front and back to their transformer.

  • Blackout Make a completely dark room (great to use a basement) and give each guest a glow stick. Hide pictures of the Transformer Characters and have the guests go on a scavenger hunt / search and rescue.

  • Cliffjumper Get a hula hoop and see how many times each guest can jump through the hoop.

  • Red Alert Set up an obstacle course and when the next person can go blow a red whistle. Remember the Transformers are always on alert.

  • Some obstacle course activity examples could be:
    • Hula hoop 5 times
    • Crab walk
    • Lame dog walk – use 2 arms and 1 leg
    • Thread the needle – clasp hands together and step through hands and then back again
    • Dripple a basket-ball 5 times
    • Bean bag return – lay down and place a bean bag between feet, swing your legs up and toss the bean bag over your head (place bean bag back in the original position for your next team mate)

  • Pin the Icon on Bumblebee Transformer Play like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Watch the Transformers Movies. Have a movie marathon and use stadium cups for lots of popcorn
  • Printable Party Games
  • More Fun Kids Party Games

Transformers Party Food

  • Fruit punch or pop
  • Chips or Popcorn to go with the movie
  • Ice cubes with frozen fruit inside
  • Make a Transformer Cake
  • More Fun Cake Ideas
Transformers Cake
Transformers Cake

Transformers Party Favors

  • Space slingshot rocket
  • Bounce silly putty
  • Spectra light globe
  • Transformer Party blower
  • Transformer comic book

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