Autumn Cake
How To Make A Fall Cake

Autumn Cake

I made this autumn cake to celebrate the fall. My daughter, who is six was taking about the changing seasons at school. So our family went out for a nature trail hike to collect some fallen fall leaves. This cake was made to mimic the idea of collecting fall leaves.

Autumn Cake

The cake was simple to make. We made the inside into a chocolate fudge two tier round cake. I then iced the cake with chocolate icing. Around the outside we placed Kit Kat chocolate bars. The cake was eight inch and we used four chocolate bars. The kids helped break apart the chocolate bars and then there is a small opening between the bars.

Autumn Cake Autumn Cake Autumn Cake

We pushed them into the icing to hold them in place. After the basket cake was covered with the Kit-Kate bars, we placed a ribbon around it (to help hold it together). On the top (inside of the basket) we used Reese's Pieces (peanut butter candy that looks like M&Ms). These were the right colour being brown, orange and yellow. Be careful of nut allergies if you choose to use the Reese's Pieces.

This cake looks amazing!!! It was a chocolate lovers cake dream come true. We then took the cake to a family gathering. Everyone was very impressed with this Thanksgiving cake. The kids love that there are candies on the cake. It tastes fantastic with strawberries and vanilla ice-cream.

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