Earth Day Party Ideas

Earth Day Party

Host an Earth Day Party and bring environmental awareness to friends and family. An Earth day party is fantastic for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and the earth. We should appreciate nature and everything we receive from it every day. What a great reason for a party!

Earth Day Party Decorations

  • Use the color theme: greens, browns and blues
  • For all inspiration look to our environment!
  • Wild natural flowers, twigs / leaves for centerpieces
  • Twinkle lights always look beautiful (for outside at night)
  • Set upi picnic tables or a large quilt for a picnic blanket
  • Lanterns and candles
  • Use wooden wicker baskets to hold activities or silverware

Earth Day Activities

  • Clean up a Park or Nature Trail. Take a walk with a plastic bag and help clean up you local areas. This is a great teaching for a younger crowd. Take along some hand sanitizer.

  • Paint Pine Cones. You can paint them all the same color and hand them with fishing wire or necklace string to create a mobile or you can turn the pine cone into an animal. Add arms and legs from pipe cleaners or construction paper. Once you add google eyes the animal will all come together.

  • Rock Paper Weighs. Find some unique shaped rocks with a flat bottom to become a perfect paper weight. You can choose to leave your rock natural or you could paint a picture or design on your rock.

  • Recycle Art. Have a box filled with ‘recyclable’ materials. Have construction paper and glue to help create the piece of art.

  • Plant a Tree or Vegetable Garden. Both of these will give back if we are responsible with watering. The tree will give us clean oxygen and the garden will give us organic vegetables.

  • Earth Day T-Shirts. Tie-dye some shirts with tea bags and colorful foods (or material dye).

  • Earth Piñata. Make at home and fill with little wild flower seeds. Hang outside from a big old tree.

  • Make home made paper!

  • More Fun Party Games

Earth Day Party Food and Drinks

  • Host a traditional outdoor BBQ! Serve all the traditional or make your favorite foods and salads
  • Try to serve organic foods
  • Make earth, moon and star sugar cookies
  • Make an Earth Cake

Earth Day Cake Idea

Fun Earth Day Favors

  • Earth balloon or Earth beach ball
  • Puzzle of the Earth or sun
  • Small Globe
  • Earth Yo-Yo
  • Earth shaped crayons

Eco-friendly Favors

  • Make a Jar Bouquet. Use old baby food jars and fill them with dirt and seeds (have them growing already. Plant seeds for herbs, flowers, or veggies. Make a home made label with the Earth thanking them.
  • Seedling Tree. Send home a tree for your guests to plant an another special place.

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